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Table of Content of this blog

This post is the table of content for the better posts in this blog. Some posts have not been updated to reflect the time of recommendation such as selling Apple at $132 or buying OIL in Jan., 2016. This table of content is copied from the old one.

* Complete the Art of Investing

My purpose of this blog is to share with you my knowledge in investing and my ideas of life such as music, my ideas...

I hope to help you in investing via my book "Complete the Art of Investing". The Kindle version is $10 with over 910 pages (6*9); it is about the size of three average books.  It covers most investing topics for retail investors. It is available from  Most of my books are available in paper bag and it includes the Kindle version free via's match book feature.

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* Defending China

Can China say no to us?

One belt, One Road.

The politicians cannot fix our problems and use China as a convenient scapegoat. Many newspapers, TV stations... want to sell their stuffs by giving what you want to hear/see by twisting the facts.

As a Chinese American, I am naturally biased but I'll not let my dumb nationalism to cover my eyes or yours. There are Chinese bashers and US bashers who do not convince us as they're not using facts. They promote distrust, confrontation, ... that I try to avoid.

Tibet. This comment has over 350 'likes' in an Economist's article. I estimate there are  3,500 reads (using 1 'like'  to 10 readers) on this long comment. Initially I faced many resentment from folks esp. from Tibetans in other articles.

Human Right. This blog has ignited discussions and scored some points for China. This one and the last one change the image of China for some.

China is a victim instead of an aggressor for last 250 years. A MUST read for Brits and Japanese.

Economy: Currency,  Rare Earth, Quality. Space Station, Tariff,

Social topics:  Intelligence PropertyEnvironment, Africa, Hong Kong, Child Labor ,
                        India, Politics, Music.

What China should do in next 5 years.
Debunk the myths on China

* US and socially speaking.

A Nation of No Losers. Quite popular. You can laugh and cry at the same time.
Trade War with China.
Our trade with China
Conflict with China
Lessons from Wars.
US and Wars
Efficient charities.
How to solve the trade imbalance
Dear recent college graduates,
Socialism could lead to self-destruction.
Why the wealth gap widens
Is Social Security going to survive?

Should we blame all our ills on China.
Is China friend or foe?
Extremes of Two Nations

Fixing the economy.
Why China is so poor and US so rich.
Effective Health Care Delivery.
Education by example
God of Gods
Defining freedom
Political parties and the economy
Corruption, American style
Our problems, solutions and implementations
Efficient Charities
Easy fixes

* Stock Market.

Market Top. My crystal ball in April is quite right.
Market Timing II
Spotting big market plunges
Market timing on asset classes
Strategies for secular bull and bear markets
Recovery or W-shaped recession?
A prolonged recession
Retail's third wave
When stock is over-priced
Invest Responsibly.
The mysteries of P/E.
Sell shorts.
Covered calls.
Should you hold a stock forever.
Hedge Fund 101
2011, when stock pickers die
Advice for retirees.
Dividend stock problems.
Sectors you want to avoid.
Stop Loss.
Refining Dogs of Dow Strategy.
Looking for a multi bagger
Technical Analysis.
Modern Portfolio Theories.
Investment Psychology 101. 
Retirees, take notice.
The evils of QE
Housing recovery?
Identifying Earnings Season Overreaction Opportunities
Different strategies
Volatility and Momentum
Distorting indexes
Dividend lovers
ETF Rotation
Market timing 4/15/2017

* Fun and Jokes

Even if you do not agree everything I said, hope some jokes would give you a laugh. If you get offended, you should check in your closest clinic esp. the humor department. It is not easy to write jokes that are totally unoffensive.

A + B
My day as a farmer.  A real story to be told to my grand children.
Diets that always work. Offensive to fatsos.
No Nativity Scene. Offensive to politicians.
Politicians and prostitutes

How to save the airline industry. PG 17.
My stupid name is Boris.
Celebration of Olympic Bronze.
Playing lotteries.
Lady missing a flight
A president and a clown
My turn?
The world is round
Tony's Ark

* More in life

My Coconut Theory
One paragraph could change your health and life
The best in life
Objective in life
  A taste of Ireland, Baltic Cruise  
My son, the artist
Exercise: 1, 2
Happy Mother's Day
How to fight terrorists
Life is changing
English vs Chinese

* Politics

Middle East Conflict
British Exit from EU
Many firsts in this election
Republican Convention
Illegal dreamers 

The following are the best blogs from my other blog. It is a collection of good articles/jokes circulated to me.

The new student from India. Very funny!
Break the promise PG 17
The 11th husband PG 17.
 Living in 2009
 Funny Acronyms
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Graduation pictures from China, USA,Japan PG17. Does not work all the time.
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The Yellow Flower Uprising.
Letter from a patriot

6 Great Foods 
50 health hints (in Chinese)
Legalized drugs
18 Tai Chi movements "Fu" means "exhale" in Chinese.
Amazing picture

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Shenzhen (updated)

Let’s start with a video from Professor X. Click here or type the following in your browser:

Shenzhen has become the Silicon Valley of the East, or in the next decade we would say the US’s Silicon Valley is the Shenzhen of the West.

If you bought all the stocks on their uptrend and sell on the downtrend (using SMA-50%) in the Shenzhen Exchange, you could be very wealthy and there is no need to read my books on investing.

For example, it would take 9 months to assemble a new product but only 3 months in Shenzhen as most of the components are readily available next door or in the next street. Shenzhen’s advantages are no longer tax credit and cheap labors (but highly-trained Chinese technicians, engineers and researchers). Many tech companies from over the world come to Shenzhen to set up shops in order to be successful.

There are many high-tech products from Shenzhen and they’re sold all over the world. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 10 years or you are blinded by your dumb nationalism, you should know China is catching up with technology.

Under Deng’s vision, Shenzhen has become one of the (if not the) wealthiest city in China.  Your home work is to study the many articles on Shenzhen starting with Wikipedia or enter the following in your browser.

Extra credits. There are several other Youtube videos on this amazing city. Why copying the current technology to make it better or using it for a new product is creative and profitable? Any other countries copy Shenzhen's model and will they be successful? Do you agree from the video that open source encourages copying technology without compensation? What does our 9-year old most likely do with no homework? Is it too early for the Chinese 9-year old study electronics and programming?
Have a good day, class and no video game today.


The above is from my book "Can China Say No?". Click here for more info in 

One Belt, One Road (updated)

Chinese is building two modern silk roads, one by land and one by sea. It has been participated by more than 60 countries. It is a $3 trillion infrastructure campaign funded mostly by China. The idea is from President Xi and was initiated in 2013. There are multiple purposes:

·         Improve transportation of products and mineral resources between China and Europe.
·         It provides better market for Chinese products.
·         Enrich the wealth and living standards of the countries between the routes especially the developing countries, which should benefit when US and the West reduce their foreign aids.
·         Eventually China’s higher-value products will catch up with the West and the US. When the developing countries are richer, they are the target markets.
·         It could reduce some conflicts. Philippines received billions on the loan and has downplayed the islet conflict with China. Hence the chance of Chinese military interference would be reduced.
·         China’s Yuan could be used as the reserve currency instead of USD.
·         Improve China’s political and cultural influences in these countries.
·         China needs their energy supply, natural resources, trade and road to Europe.
·         Most infrastructure products are financed by China and built with Chinese management and technologies, hence using China’s excess capacity such as building roads and bridges.

Many developing countries will be benefited by financing their projects via Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which is mainly funded by China. China may supply most of their services such as building factories or improving ports. However, China will not see their profits from the investments in the short term. Some loans will be partly donated to friendly allies.

US is not participating in this campaign. We will not benefit from these agreements and we will lose our influences to the developing countries. However, some big projects require advanced technologies and they will be supplied by US corporations such as turbines from GE. Honeywell and Caterpillar will likely benefit. India may not participate due to the road thru a territory claimed by Pakistan.

As in most projects, China will face problems and challenges. Thailand and Indonesia are modifying their original railroad projects. The project is easily accepted in developing countries but not in developed countries such as EU. China is having its own economic problems. Some projects may not pay back and China would end up losing money. China needs to analyze the projects carefully. China has to settle the islet disputes in South and SE China Sea. The natural resource prices are lower than 3 years ago.

It is better to invest in profitable infrastructure projects than selling destructive weapons. Many finished projects such as the major railway in Africa do not benefit China and even the host so far. They need to select those projects that are beneficial otherwise it would be a waste of resources. A train started from a Chinese city to arrive in London and another one to Madrid. In general, it is faster than sea route and less expensive than air fright. Or, it is more expensive than sea route and more time consuming than air fright. Many products such as red wine are suitable to ship by train. It also depends how far the products are from the closest seaport or railway station.

Trade: China’s export,   
One Belt, One Road: Episode 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1 (poor screen quality)
There are many articles on this One Belt, One Road Initiative (OBOR). Google it for recent articles. Here are some: Wikipedia, US & Heritage.

#Filler:  Victim?
We’re a victim of our own success: A higher living standard means higher wages, more protections to our workers, more regulations for our environment…

# While dancing forward, President Xi said, “I’m a lover, not a fighter”.
While dancing backward, President Trump said, “I’m a fighter, not a lover” and followed by saying, “You’re fired before you fire me.”