Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trade between N.Korea and China jumped in 1st Q

How much money actually is returned to China from N.Korea from the trade? It is more welfare or IOU with no collateral. Read between the lines.

China has helped Pakistan to improve their living standard and the military. Another 'K...stan' becoming the richest country in the region by supplying gas to China who constructed the gas pipe.
At least one railroad project in Africa was not paid back to China and China just forgives the loan. This is one of many examples.

Africa currently benefits a lot from China far more than what the west / US did. Chinese built railroad and mines. Without them, the ores would remain under ground forever. Many projects are not considered by the west due to the poor returns.
Human resource is one type of coconut. The hurricane ally is always poorer due to the destruction of coconuts.

Citizens of many countries are lazy due to too many coconuts.

My theory explains many but of course there are exceptions.

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