Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Chinese are eating my lobsters

China has 7% of the world’s arable land but 19% of the world population.

China depends the world for food. Today, the corn price skyrockets and the fertilizer companies have a great day turning around from the bottom.

It is as expected but I did not take advantage of it. I need to read my own book. When China is richer, its citizens require more meat and it takes a lot of corn to produce a pound of meat. In turn, corn depends on fertilizer. It is the derivatives as described in my book Complete the art of investing. You read the above first here.

The wealthier Chinese are no longer starving today (with minor exceptions). When they demand more food and higher quality of food, their suppliers get rich but the poor countries suffer.

I believe recently most of my cheap lobsters flew to China. Next would be our beef, which costs many times in China. If you find some prime roast for less than $15, eat it before it is too late.

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