Friday, August 31, 2012

Cheating in Harvard?

Many cheated and very few got caught. The late Kennedy cheated to name one from thousands. He was OK as his busy life did not allow him to study. His connection and good look would give him good job and beautiful family and he did not need to get As, which would have nothing to do with his accomplishments in life.

My personal experience.
A Vietnamese student and I was either #1 or #2 in all Thermo Dynamics tests in a easy state university. The professor distributed tests in that order in front of the class. Good or bad? I ended up a B and later I found half of the class knew the answers to the final as the professor had the identical final every semester.

It is injustice but we have to accept it. Who told you life is fair? Why one gets the lottery by being born in US and one is really screwed for being born in Haiti? God is not fair, or there is a reason: The more you suffer in this life, the more you get in your future life. Hence I do not discriminate against the 'losers'.

Why one was born as a Kennedy with all the good jobs ahead? However, they may die early and most divorce by statistics. When you use Kennedy as a verb, it means 'die early' in my dictionary.

I just let some steam out and I'm not going to shoot that professor for being lazy and stupid and half of the class for cheating me. It has been over 40 years ago!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doctor knows best?

·       I’ve a lot of doubts about my doctors and dentists. The dentists try to squeeze every dollar out of me. They care more about their bottom line than my health. When we have health problem, the best way is to diagnose yourself via the internet (some good sites) and books.

You can suggest your doctor what to do. They are not saints. I should have told my doctor that my prostate problem was the enlargement, not cancer. I had several biopsies and they’re all clean except I may not have a prostate after the biopsies. I should also have told another doctor to take out the water from my knee after a fall. The old doctor did not want to do anything as he will retire soon. I suffered a long time. Should the doctor know best? I do not think so.  I hope some doctors would respond to this blog.

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Republican convention - a satire or really real

Why we need to know Mitt is officially nominated or he will accept the nomination?  Who turns it down in our history? If this is the main purpose of the convention, it is a total waste of money and time that can be used to deal with our real problems such as how to cut down spending. Isn’t it ironic or demonstrating how the big government wastes our money or how big businesses buying influences? If you really do not know who will be nominated (I'm shamelessly insulting your intelligence and assuming you live in a cave for the last year), we can use YouTube to broadcast it and save millions.

The convention must be sponsored by airlines, hotels, restaurants and Florida or big businesses/special groups wanting influences. The hidden sponsors are the prostitutes, Viagra and condones. They are the winners of this convention, not the handsome Mitt and his lovely wife. All the conventioneers using other folks’ money to wine and dine are free loaders / parasites.

I like to attend any convention if someone is stupid or rich enough to pay for this unearned but lavish vacation – I’ll vote whatever you want me to. Sign me up for the Democratic Convention too. I hope it will be in Hawaii or somewhere without any hurricane and with great and expensive food as long as you will pay for it eventually.

I must be mentally retarded talking to an empty chair with a ghost rocking on it. When you guys laugh at the chair, you have more serious mental problem than I. I just want to symbolize the do nothing (beside reckless spending) by our government and even no one sits on the chair it still rocks. Hence, no government could be the best government.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

The collapse of 2008

It is greed. There were folks making derivatives that they did not know what they're doing (if they did, they could short all the loaners and made a bundle). The sales folks cared about their quotas and bonuses. Same for the CEOs. When they lost their jobs, they deserved it. They should go to jail in Alaska. The majority are still making big money with bonuses. This is the area the Wall Street Occupy should aim at, not at the rich folks who invest to create jobs for them.

Lehman Brothers and the cousins were closed for good. No bailouts should encourage them to steal again. I feel sorry for the investors, the common folks buying those stupid derivatives, and some banks that were forced to pay back the loots (in some foreign countries like Hong Kong).

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Read a book with your mind

I read a guru's book on selecting stocks. It is all wrong in the current market conditions even he has a great historical performance he claims. As of 2012, the current market favors value and the market is very risky to me (so cash and defensive stocks are better bets).

2009 seems to be the Early Recovery phase of the market cycle (see the chapter on Market Cycle). It favored the beaten stocks that have high value. I made great money on these stocks and his strategy will not work. It is same for 2003.

It is not hard to prove my point. Just check the performance of his top stocks he recommended 3 months ago. They do not perform. It is not his fault, but his strategy does not fit the market conditions. When we are in growth phase, his strategy will work again. 
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Monday, August 20, 2012

China Sea's Gathering Storm

There have been disputes with the islets between China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Philippine and Vietnam for the oil in the near-by ocean. The disputes have been mild for over 40 years  and no side wants to do anything until now. All these countries would not want to agitate China and China would not want to harm the trades. Now, US wants to side with countries against China. With the backing of US's Seventh Fleet and the US's promises (hidden but quite obvious to me), all these countries suddenly cry out loudly.

It is US's intention to be #1 or the big brother again in this part of the globe. It is not a wise decision unless we still live in the past glory when you're either my puppet or my enemy. Most likely, it is decided by the politicians who want to divert our attentions as they cannot resolve our problems.

China would withdraw the loans and we would be back to the worst depression in our history.

We cannot afford another war. We've spent 1,365 billions in the two current wars so far. We cannot visualize how much is one billion or one trillion. The current tallest building in the world (in Dubai) costs about 1.5 billions. We can build about nine hundred (900, not a typo) tallest buildings in the world and guess how many jobs would be created.

Not to mention the human suffering. China is not a tiger, but it is far from a paper tiger. Japan's navy is stronger than most folks in US can dream of. Japan has been the aggressor to China for centuries and has been war criminals against Korea and China in WW2.

As usual, we always pick up the brick, aim and hit our own big toe. It was Vietnam, then the Middle East wars and now South China Sea. We never learn lessons from French, Brits and Russians who had been to Vietnam, Afghan and lost big.

No politicians would tell you all our troubles is caused by the high expense of the wars. We have 20 years of secular bear market due to the Vietnam War, followed by 20 years of secular bull market  due to lack of major war, and now 12 years and still counting due to the Middle East Wars. I rest my case.

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