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Pitying the poor by Tom R.

It is often astounding what people find worth defending.

Not that facts ever move anyone away from their beliefs of choice, I've nevertheless looked into the wealth distribution percentages;

An interesting line was this one: In 2003, the 1% with the highest salaries paid more than 34% of the nation's federal income tax; the 10% with the highest salaries paid nearly 66% of the total income tax; the top 25% paid 84% of the income taxes; and the upper 50% accounted for nearly 97% of US income tax revenue, primarily because, as stated above, the bottom 40% had comparatively no wealth (less than 1%) to be taxed in the first place.[19] The US has a progressive tax structure which taxes less for smaller incomes; correlating income taxation to wealth is misleading.

One could argue, I suppose, for economic natural selection – where those who make it do so because they are more fit and those who don't are low lifes deserving of their fate (i.e., the 40% who pathetically share 1% of the wealth). And it's not too painful to think that way if we simply close our eyes.

They aren't making much noise. They are, in fact, pretty close to invisible for those of us who have comparative wealth and comfort. But, if you want to see them, just pay attention.

Here's a way. Go to a grocery store – not to shop but to observe. Notice the person behind the Salvation Army bell doing his or her part for that group. Put a dollar in the bucket and they'll thank you and bless you for it – as though that dollar is anything to you. Now, go inside. Look at the faces of many of the customers. Notice them picking up an object and returning it to the shelf. Notice the tension or resignation in many of the faces. Look in the carts. Now, go stand behind the registers and casually watch as people check out. Listen too. You might get little clues such as, "Just swipe it as though it's a credit card." Good going, detective. You've just identified someone new to his food stamp card.

But, you'll see what you want to see, won't you? Like the fellow who saw a food kitchen with people standing outside it near a sign that advertised a job. What, he wondered, were they doing standing around with jobs available? He made up a story in his mind that reinforced his desire to see them as worthless individuals – and maybe he was right. Or, maybe they already had jobs but still needed a handout. Or maybe they had applied for several jobs and got nowhere because of their crummy interview skills or appearance. Or maybe they weren't recipients but volunteers taking a break. Or maybe they WERE bums. I don't know. I'll let the hard ass judge them however he needs to if he's to maintain the world view he finds comforting.. Me? I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and simply hope that they got fed if that's what they were there for. All I know is that I have no need to be in that line, so I have a helluva hard time playing hard ass with those who – for WHATEVER reason – do. Nobody chooses to fail. Many who fail do habitually make lousy choices. But, others have lousy karma. Either way, they don't wish it on themselves.

It's hopeless to write about this stuff. The audience falls into two camps – those who already agree and those who never will unless they personally fall hard. So it is that Dick Cheney, professional hard ass, is not so hard on gays as on so many others. Because his daughter is gay – and for no other reason – gay isn't something to bash for him. One wishes that he also had a son in the military. That might have changed recent history.

Most of us here are relatively wealthy. Not necessarily rich. But, I suspect that few if any of us are on food stamps or uninsured or under foreclosure. A few of us are probably quite wealthy (though, of course, not as wealthy as many others we know of). And most of us are pretty comfortable even if we aren't absolutely secure for the future.

Some of us, alas, respect wealth as though it is a measure. I've heard many praise Bill Gates even though his charitable endeavors don't come even close to affecting his ability to buy what he wants when he wants it for the rest of his life. No, he doesn't have to do it. Yes, it's great that he does (as opposed to, say, Donald Trump). But, I more admire the mother who called in to offer up $5 of her food stamps when she was listening to the stories of people in need during a money-for-food drive. That $5, had it been accepted. would have been not just a donation but a sacrifice. She didn't offer it because she had extra. She offered it because she was on the cusp of not getting by and, thereby, felt empathy for those who were NOT getting by. (This is no made up story. I was on the phone recording donations when she called in and happened to get my line. I refused the offer because she might well be risking the loss of the food stamps should it have come to light that she didn't use them as intended.) It depressed me to the point that I never volunteered again to work the phones.

I can neither understand nor readily stomach this defense of the rich -- as though taxing them is onerous to them. When I argued against torture during the Bush Administration, I argued alone. That wasn't worth joining in on for some of the same characters who now find it a moral imperative to protect the rights of the richest among us. (I argued against torture not because I give a damn about the twisted bastards that comprise the hate-filled extremists but because I don't trust any government to distinguish between true terrorists and mere suspects. And, in fact, we did torture and outsource yet more torture of some who proved innocent.) When I argue for the poor, I argue alone. But, the rich are finding defenders who haven't posted on anything else on this board. They get more sympathy in the topsy-turvy value system of some than the true victims of society.

With all due respect, there is little respect due to such misplaced concern. That concern, it seems obvious to me, needs to go to the 40% at the bottom of society who scrape by on no wealth at all.

It's just ugly.



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tom's reply on Wealth Distribution


Your sympathy for the rich folks forced from the U.S. for the lowest taxes they've paid in decades is misplaced. They're doing just fine. Also, your equation of them with golden geese is pretty astounding. The fact is that they've been, as a group, more like pigs feeding at the trough than golden geese selflessly providing the little people with glowing gift eggs of gold.. Were their taxes raised to the levels they were paying when Reagan was president, the argument that they are being put upon unduly would remain a ridiculous one. Those who most benefited from Bush's tax cuts (even as he lead us blindly to war) would not even notice they taxes except as lower tallies in the bank balances by which some measure their competitive success.

Sorry. I don't give a damn about those keeping score by looking at their balances. It's those who are trying to raise, provide for, and shelter their families that I concentrate on. Scare tactics about what the richest will do if they aren't treated like royalty should be sources of anger -- not fear.

I suggest that more appropriate objects of sympathy might be: a) the largely forgotten poor and b) those falling out the bottom of the middle class as their jobs have disappeared; those struggling to hang on by lowering their living standards as they find new jobs paying a fraction of their old jobs, c) those being devastated by health care bills they cannot pay -- many because they have no insurance and plenty more because their insurance proved woefully inadequate.

As for "reckless spending," I assume you're talking primarily about the unnecessary Iraq War that Bush refused to put on budget and for which he refused to levy taxes. That spending, it's legacy, and the pottery barn rule of Colin Powell (that is, "If you break it, you bought it.") were the back breakers when coupled with an irresponsible tax cut benefiting the top so that it could trickle down (via your golden eggs I guess). The SECOND wave of bailout spending that came under the Obama presidency came (the first was under Bush) was delivered with a gun at the temple -- "Do it or see a depression" was the threat echoed by virtually every economist across the political spectrum. Virtually the unanimous opinion at the time was: a) it had to be done and b) it had to be done quickly.

Now, we have the Republican revisionists and many of those who are frustrated and shocked by the debt that we've run up looking for scapegoats.

In hindsight, the stimulus certainly wasn't done well. Accountability was weak. Concessions weren't demanded. Some who should not have benefited (or benefited so fully) gained. The emphases were often wrong. And so on and on. I agree with many of these items wholeheartedly.

BUT. But, when a fireman grabs and carries someone from a burning building, it's always possible that he won't have first checked to see whether the person could be moved without causing harm. Possibly, in hindsight, there was time to secure the person in a stretcher and evidence that the stairway rather than the ladder would have been possible -- thereby avoiding the paralysis that ensued.

Maybe. But in emergency situations triage is necessary. Action has to be taken quickly and will, inevitably, involve a far lower standard of care than normal times would excuse. The perceived (and I think real) urgency of the moment changes the game but certainly leaves the door open for Monday morning quarterbacking.

I agree. We'll all be paying (and are paying in many instances) a price for years of bi-partisan bad decisions by those in charge . . . and by the politicians that they own as well. But, I have a helluva lot more sympathy for the firefighters than I do for those that set the blaze and a helluva lot more tolerance for those forced to do triage than I would during normal times.

For Republicans, taxes are the greatest evil of government. They aren't. The greatest evil is to sabotage government -- which sometimes includes the evil of starving it by NOT taxing. The recklessness of a guns and butter mentality has a clear-cut motive -- political expediency that appeals to the ignorant knee-jerk antipathy for paying as you go. The difference between today's two parties is that, when in power, the Democrats tax and spend; the Republicans, when in power, reduce taxes and spend just as freely.

Going forward, I hope that the Congress somehow shows the courage to demand a new tax to pay for our new level of commitment in Afghanistan. THAT will finally make the necessary DIRECT connection between our war policies and their consequences not just to families on military bases but to arm-chair generals in their comfortable living rooms -- safely removed from the bullets and explosions -- who have no stake in the war beyond wanting to see their ideologies prevail.

Sorry, Tony. The fact remains. The system strongly favors the wealthy to the point where even the more thoughtful and fair-minded of their ranks feel that they SHOULD bear more of the burden. My guess is that they, not the Rush Limbaughs, comprise most of those who contribute to the golden eggs with which you credit them. Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, and many of those alleged Hollywood elite, among others, are patriotic and fair-minded enough to acknowledge that they are paying LESS than their fair share.




Hi Tony,

Were I writing on the other side of the issue, I'd "lose" the debate too. There just aren't sufficient language skills to make the case that a society's victims are its rich -- a very curious argument indeed!

Of course they should pay "their fair share" of taxes. Where the debate comes in is over what a fair share is. It's NOT an equal share. There is a difference between cutting out someone's bone and liposuction. A flat tax for all people, for example, has nothing "fair" to it. When 2% controls 90% of the country's wealth, that is one extreme. When the communists argue from each according to his ability to each according to his need is another extreme.

Guess what? We are now firmly lashed to the first extreme. It is as though 100 of us are sharing a lifeboat with 2 extremely muscular guys who are claiming 90% of the food and water and leaving the 10% for us to compete for -- arguing that they worked very hard on their bodies and that if we had done the same we, too, could be writing the rules. Some find their argument compelling!!!!

And seated next to me is Tony -- expressing his fears that we might unfairly take too much of their "fair share" from them. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrgggggggh.

Good grief, Tony. Stop worrying about the muscled duo or the dream you have of becoming one of them. It ain't going to happen. Again, they're doing fine. Stop worrying about them and start worrying about the 98%. Or even yourself since you're arguing against your own best interest (in the hope of getting one of those mythical golden eggs!)

Strawman: "You're arguing for wealth redistribution."

Me: "To a degree, yes. They already redistributed it -- from the middle class to themselves. Pushing the pendulum our way isn't killing capitalism. It's putting the breaks on government of, by, and for the privileged few.

There is a HUGE expanse between a communist kind of wealth redistribution and today's plutocracy. The two extremes are not on a line but on a bracelet that has a small gap between the two extreme ends. We need to move considerably left just to reach the center -- away from corporatism and its increasingly brutal financial Darwinism (capitalism run amuck).



How the wealth should be distributed

With the reckless spending and bailouts, we'll see more taxes and many
generations have to pay for them.

1. Will be higher.
2. Inflation, a kind of invisible taxes.

2010 could be the last year for low tax rates for long term capital taxes for a

Some rich folks may be forced to have their residence outside US to avoid taxes.
Some have done so already. We could be killing the geese that lay the golden

Beside inheritance, most rich folks get their wealth by working hard and taking
chances. They should pay their fair share of taxes, nothing more and nothing
less. Most donate part of the wealth to charities like Gates and Buffett
(helping the poor in Africa). I prefer we do so voluntarily instead of letting
the government mis-allocating our wealth like going to wars.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Extremes of Two Nations

* Extremes of Two Nations *

US and China are two countries of extremes to each other. It could be the difference in their cultures, their wealth, and/or changing of wealth. It would be best for both countries to move at least 10% away from their extremes.

US. Like no tomorrow.
China. Saving for fear of begging in the street.

Health Care.
US. Encourages folks to be lazy, so they get free health care.
China. If you do not pay in yuan, you die.

Foreign countries.
US. Either my puppet or my enemy.
China. Non interference.

US. Our pollution is not too high (translation: pollution per capita is).
China. My pollution per capita is not high (translation: total pollution is).

Human rights.
US. Killing for the name of liberty! or keeping our weapon suppliers rich.
China. Lifted 300 millions from poverty. Is this basic human right?

Military might.
US. New carrier with two nuclear generators.
China. 0 carrier.

Justice system.
US. Spent millions and let the guilty free.
China. One bullet for 99.99% guilty and warn millions.

US. #1 in all sports. Get them at all costs.
China. Let's get 100 Walmart shoppers and have a race to see which nation is fitter.

Natural resources/farm land.
US. Can support double the current population.
China. Can support half the current population.

US. Do everything for votes.
Capitalists act like communists by providing generous welfare.
China. If you do not listen, you disappear.
Communists act like capitalists by giving prime priority to business.

US. We've most Nobel's prize winners.
China. Our 6th graders can beat your college graduates in science and maths.

Model for youths.
US. If you give me one good model, I give you 10 bad models (like married politicians with outside affairs).
China. If you give me one bad model, I give you 10 good models.

Gun control.
US. Need guns for the wild, wild cities.
China. Thanks NRA for allowing us to sell them to your citizens.

View each other.
US. Job snatcher, banker.
China. Job provider, loaner.

My ridicule.
US. Nothing.
China. Me and my ridicule 'evaporate' from earth.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Father of China's rocketry

He passed away at 98.

The description of his life in Wikipedia or just click here.
I just finished a book on him by Iris Chang. It was translated from English to Chinese. A very fascinating life.

99.9% chance he was not a communist when he was in US. He was a dedicated scientist.

The joke of the century is the witch hunt of communists in US and drove Tsien back to China to help China to develop missiles. It speeds up China’s missile development by at least 10 years when China did not know how to build good bicycle.

Did Middle East and N.Korea benefit from his initial work?

The book mentioned one or two flaws in his life. I believe he needed to do to secure political stability and  funding for his work.

China and environment

Recently there have been some discussion on China’s rapid development, industrialization, increased pollution and destruction of environment such as deforestation.
China, as a developing country, can do so much. It has done its share so far. It is unfair to say China is the world polluter #1 or #2. You need to take out pollution due to production of goods for export. Then, you calculate pollution per capita. From this calculation, US is #1 and China is way, way down. China pollutes only 1/4 of US on per capita basis.

* It is #1 or #2 in most renewable energy such as solar, hydro and wind energy.
* China is blessed with coal, but lacks oil resource. Coal generates heat via burning the carbon and it can never be cleaned even with the best technology from the west/US, which can improve less carbon monoxide and acid-rain-causing SO2.
* The better quality of coal is in the north east. Transporting coal from this area to urban cities adds pollution. It is more effective with barges.
* Grid to distribute energy in China is primitive at best. It needs a lot of technology from the west/US plus its own development to exploit and copy/enhance the technology. Made In China on grid technology is idealistic but still has a long way to go.
Hydro and nuclear generators when strategically located would cut down the grid dependency and transportation of coal for certain area.

A wind farm is idle due to it is not connected to the grid.

* Nuclear generation is very aggressive, but it is a small percentage of the total output of energy. All are foreign technology. China copied and developed the pebble nuclear technology which is promising for safety/cost but its capacity is very limited.
* The priority to highways (auto) and some air transportation should take a back seat to public transportation such as subways, trains, HSR…The recent cut in gas subsidy is a good measure.

* It has transformed a small scale of semi desert to livable land in the north west. The big impact will be from the diversion of water from south to north/west. This semi desert will turn to oasis easier than real desert. Will see the cost/benefit.

* China has about 1/4 of the average water per capita and Bijing about 1/30.

How ironic the #1 polluter of the world (based on per capita) accuses China, which does not even make to the top 10?

Powerful word

What is ONE word to be accused of discrimination 5 times?


to a ugly, old, black, fat lady.

It is not the 'word' but to 'whom' you speak to, no matter it is true or not.

My judgement on Mao

Celebration of 60th China.

This is my respond to a FM's post.

The following is my point of view of Mao as an overseas Chinese and I’m sure it will be quite different from Chinese in mainland.

* Interesting to compare Mao to Washington. I believe Washington had a easier time and he did not govern too long. His influence is far less than Mao to his citizens.

* ‘70 good and 30 bad’ is more political and would be sounded off from folks like Deng. The reverse (70% bad and 30% good) is more accurate for most historians I guess.

Mao is great in the beginning and poor in his governance and policy like purging the ‘rightist intellectuals’, Big Leap Forward (backward for me), Cultural Revolution (Counter-CR to me)…

It could be the Peter’s Principle – when some one becomes incompetent (governance in Mao’s case) when promoted from a position (founding China) s/he is competent.

He did raise the spirit of a nation (after hundreds of years of humiliation) while millions were starving to death.

My simple conclusion. Mao is a national hero with reservation and his time made him one. He has vision, talents… The folks surrounded him did not provide good guidance esp. in governance, or he did not want to listen to others’ opinions. Chou could have helped China more if he could influence Mao more. When Mao became semi God, he ignored that he would be judged harshly by history.

He has strengths and weaknesses of a human being. He should not get all the blame and glory. His advisors and his citizens should bear some of the blame.

All leaders should be judged by his benefits to his citizens and his nation's cultures. Based on this, I do not think Mao is a good leader even he is a national hero.

His era is a lesson for China, if not for the world.

Nobel 'Peace' Prize

Gladly we accept Nobel Prize for Obama.
For nothing he did during his nomination.

Potentially he holds the key for peace -
By not pressing the button to destroy the world with our nuclear weapons,
Or not sending the nuclear carrier to enforce his kingdom,
Or for buying peace with money like no tomorrow.

Practically Deng saved a million from starving every year.
Not a nomination nod for this short guy.

Not destroying is more important than saving life.
Or Black is a better color than Yellow.

Wake up, you idiot committee.


According to Nobel's will, the Peace Prize should be awarded to the person who:

during the preceding year [...] shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.[1]


The Norwegians use 'Peace' Prize as a political tool to influence world affairs. Their yardstick is based on a rich country like Norway, so they oppose developing countries like China. The Prize should be given to where the credit is due. Period.


Why China will have more Nobel science winners.

(Some stat from Joe)

* Education. 6 million college grade a year. 1.5 million kids studying aboard. 10 times. US science graduates including science PhDs.


Why China will not have Nobel science winners soon.

* Education stressed on taking tests, not creative thinking (good and bad).

We do not have the space/guidance to do experiment when we're young. The most we did could be a simple radio. As a middle class, we never have to do any house work or use any machine/tool - the most I used is a screw driver once.

* Research facilities and faculties are just enhancing to the world standard.

* Effect of losing a generation of education due to Cultural Revolution is still with us, but hopefully disappears for ever.

Most top scientists are well-rounded and have good guidance from their family. Most are good in music, arts...

* Like Japan, pure research is too costly. Concentrate the effort on commercial products.

* Judging from the age of science recipients, it takes about 15 more years for China's scientists to be in the frontier stage of research.


Interesting but arguable facts.

* Dali Lama is the only one born and educated in China to receive a Nobel prize if he is considered a Chinese citizen.

* The Chinese writer winner is a French citizen and his works are censored in China.

(The above two are most likely political as the committee wants to give prizes to the enemies of China.)

* The current Nobel winner is from Hong Kong. He is not educated for early education in China then and a Chinese citizen by takeover.

* The Chinese winners who are citizens of foreign countries should be counted as 50% Chinese at most - I estimate about 70% of science PhDs in US were born in foreign countries.

* The second generation of Chinese winners who were born in a foreign country should be counted as 25% Chinese - just for the family education from their Chinese parents.

Tang Monk

Buddhism is the most respected religion to me. Compared to the ever-lasting religious wars between Christians and Muslims, Buddhism is pretty tame. However, we have conflicts in Tibet and at least two leaders (Canton and HK) live in rich folks’ style with drivers for their expensive cars. There must be some rules against this kind of life style.

I am reading a book on the historical event of the Tang Monk’s Journey to the West. It is written by a modern scholar commenting and with some educated guesses. It is fascinating. The book’s ISBN 978-986-6873-48-5 in traditional Chinese. I found the following.

* The ancient text was written about 1,400 years ago. We can still understand most of the text and almost 100% with the author’s comments and occasional educated guesses. The author needs to translate the modern terms for city names, nations, local terms at the time…

* Ancient language is short. It could be due to the expensive paper and ink (or bamboo and carving at earlier time). It must be more enjoyable at their time. I guess we only have modern way in writing in longer and easier to understand form in Qing time.

* Ancient China has record history over 2,000 years ago I guess but not so in many ancient civilizations like India. Tang monk translated the Hindi text to Chinese. Now, India translated back the same text to Indian language so they can understand the history, culture and geography at that time.

Thanks for our heritage!

* The facts and wisdom of Tang monk are quite different what were described in the popular friction, which is one of our top four literature classics.

* Ancient India is quite advanced. The Arabian numbers actually was invented in India. We call it Arabian as it is the country that passed the idea to Europe. If we do not progress, we let others pass us by and India is a good example.

* Most likely, most modern musical instruments were invented in Middle East and passed to Europe, India and China which have their own individual modifications. Just from the book.

—- thanks for reading my book report and I hope my teacher would give me a passing grade —– :)

Cities of dreams or nightmares?

Did Hong Kong benefit from colonial government?

Click here and then Boston Globe for full article and comments.

Anatomy of a joke

The anatomy of a joke.

You (assuming you’re older than 11) only laugh at something that is unusual like:

- ridiculously exaggerated

- body (female and male) parts we do not discuss/show normally – unless you have something better than the average. :)

- words with double meaning

So, about 30% of the jokes are about sex. If you do not believe me, turn on the cable TV tonight, count and classify the jokes. Let me know your result tomorrow.

If you're less than 11, please get off from your parents' PC and go back to your homework.


Here is one good example of a good joke. In addition to most that satisfy the criteria, it is brief and effective.

We were supposed to have 8″ of snow in Boston, but no snow. The beautiful but naive anchor lady asked the weather man, “Hi Bill, what happened to the 8″ you promised me last night?” The whole staff in the set laughed so loud that they’ve to go on commercial for the next hour.

China basher or apologist?

Most likely your answer is neither. It is human nature to assume him/herself to be unbiased.

Both the bashers and apologists have been brain washed. They will not listen to a different point of view, let alone discuss with you with open minds.

Depending on the topic I could be guilty as charged.

I wrote a piece in comparing human rights between China and US. I have the highest approval rating from one forum. More than 100 folks read the long comment and voiced their approval.

The piece is here.

My piece on Tibet did not fare that well. Judge it for yourself.

There were more comments on my comment than the original article. Most are from Tibetan exiles I guess. So, their POVs are completely different from my Han’s POV. I understand and accept their disapproval.

We hope we’re all be able to understand each other’s POV even if it is completely different from yours. We do not want to limit our point of view like the frog under a well.

Our bias has been developed from our past experience. I have a good friend whose mother never buys Japanese products as she saw how the Japs shot all the men in her village and another friend who suffered from the communist’s prosecution.

Also, it seems all the EUers sleep together too and all Mainlanders have the own unified opinions. The overseas Chinese seem to speak my language.

Accepting other folks’ point of view is important to create less conflicts and it would lead to a more peaceful world.

A nation of no losers

* A Nation of No Losers *

We do not let you be a loser!
Your mistakes will be rewarded handsomely.

When you bought a clunker that you should not have, we give you $4,500.
When you bought a mansion that you cannot afford, we're going to bail you out.
When you bought any inefficient appliance or anything, we'll pay you no matter how old they are.

When you lost your job, we extend your benefit.

When you do not have saving, we give you free health care.
When you have saving or a job, we take away your health care.

Teenagers, the more babies you have, the more benefits you have.
Drunk drivers, no one will prosecute you as the entire jury and even the judge are drunk.
Old ladies, your driver's license is also a license to kill.
Black kids, special pass to go to college and jobs.
Prisoners, you will get the flu shots first and free dental care.
Fatsos, do not worry as our up-coming drugs will melt all your fat while you sleep.

All athletes are rewarded with millions for taking drugs.
We voice loudly and disapprovingly on foreign athletes doing same.
It is an America invention!

When you cheated billions, you can retire in a resort-like 'prison'.
Also, the billions your wife hid is hers - no questions asked.

No other developed country lets their citizens own guns.
NRA and his puppet politicians will give you millions of funny 'reasons'.

When your company fails, we bail it out.
The executives are rewarded with bailout money for bringing down a company.

You die penniless, we give you $500.
You die with millions, we share your wealth.

The small catch.
We need you to re-elect us in 4 years.

The children cannot vote today, so let's pass our debts to them.
China does not have a voice here, so let's pass all the blames to them.

Even the entire world agree with us.
Our president is awarded the Nobel prize for doing nothing for peace, so why you need to work hard?

Politicians and prostitutes

Which one is more trustworthy: politicians or prostitutes?
No matter it is East or West, prostitutes are more trustworthy than politicians.
* Prostitutes provide basic, human service, esp. in Chinese society where

there is a big imbalance in male and female ratio. Politicians do not.
* Prostitutes provide the ultimate basic value (after food and shelter).

The entertainment value has no match. Politicians do not.
* Both lie and tell you what you want to hear, but sooth your body more and

drive your ego to the roof when it is from the prostitutes.
* Prostitutes work hard for your money, while politicians cheat hard for your money.
* Both work for cash only and usually under the table.
* Only politicians’ wives want to sleep with the spouse, but not so for prostitutes

– ask Clinton for verification.

Viagra is a wonderful product that supply new market to prostitutes and make them fully employed, a deed that our president fails to accomplish.
The above is my observation, and not from my personal experience. :)

For the discussion blog FM:

Beautiful Chinese army

Click here to see the better work of God.

Being a Chinaman

Hi Ding Bai,

Wow! Just one day, you learn a lot about the rest of US outside your NYC village. Welcome to America finally!

(Please see the refreshing post by Ding Bai above)

Prejudice and ignorance come hand-in-hand and your experience is a living proof of that. I do not blame the old generation in an isolated part of US as their image of a Chinaman is some one with a pigtail working in railroad, laundry or a Chinese restaurant that serves cat meat.

Denny’s had a poor reputation in racial harmony. They suffered from a lawsuit of not serving black and lost. They never learn. I skip going to Denny’s for life even for their free breakfasts!

A Chinese professor at U. Mass. at Amhert wrote in the college newspaper 35 years ago, “If you do not believe a Chinese can teach in college, please come to room 1234 in Engineering Building.”

I have my share of discrimination experience:

* When I was in beautiful Calgary 25 years ago with my American female co-worker in the annual Stampede Festival, every one starred at us like we’re UFOs.

* After I got the highest award in my department, some managers treated me very rudely and had a lot racial remarks on me behind my back – and the remarks came back to me (intentionally?). My work place was a phone company in Mass. with a lot of uneducated Irish playing politics all day long.

* I never play my Chinese card except once. When I got a bad table (even I was the first one in) in a Vegas show. It could due to no tips to the guy leading me to a table but it could be racially motivated. They’re scared to hell when I shouted for seeing their supervisor and they gave me the best table. I could have too many drinks and that scared my wife. From then no, no more Mr. Nice guys to racists.

Effective health care delivery

-- Effective health care delivery --

1. Basic treatments for all. Better coverage is paid by individual. We encourage folks to work hard and there is no more free lunch. It is abnormal for the poor to have free health care while the middle class cannot afford to have same.

Low incomers and/or those without a house most likely can receive free nursing home care, free drugs and free doctor visits in most states like Mass. Those in borderline cheat by giving their houses to their children, hide their incomes or just quit.

2. The government should spend an agreed % of GNP on public health care - you cannot ignore other spending like education... or let the budget unbalanced irresponsibly.

When we over spend in any entitlement, we need to hike taxes, and then we're no longer competitive globally and hence our unemployment will be increased.

3. Prevention: voluntary and non-voluntary (via taxes) on smoking, fast food, soda... It is fair for the citizens to take care of their own health. You can select to live recklessly in unhealthy life style, but the rest of us should not pay for your bad decision.

When we ban smoking totally, we would not need so many hospitals and use so much resources. In addition, the second-hand smoke kills too. Why we die for your bad behavior?

4. Limit lawsuit award on malpractice. Our health care cost is being jacked up due to part of it goes to lawyers.

Most do not realize those awards will pass back to us. It is also why the doctor would hesitate to care for you when you fall and lie in the street or why your clinical charges are so high.

5. State-of-the-art treatments are less effective than prevention such as a low-dosage aspirin for all over 50 years of age and shots for babies/children.

6. Outsourcing expensive treatments to foreign countries and drug development/clinical tests. Our costs are outrageously high. Try Thailand and Shanghai. The money we save pays for a free vacation, not mentioning the free massage every day for the entire trip.

This is a temporary solution until we solve our cost problem.

7. Cut down expensive drug marketing (like giving money/goodies to doctors).

Personally I know doctors receiving free golf trips to the most expensive golf course for the entire family. They also got unlimited lobsters in doctors' conventions I know. Should the doctor receive the 'lecture fee' giving lecture or sales pitch to one or two attendees with at least one from the drug company?

Guess who end up paying for these goodies eventually?

8. Stop illegals and foreigners from using our medical systems free. Their employers should pay for their expenses.

Emergency room is the most expensive delivery method and its usage have been abused.

9. Importing foreign doctors and nurses is the worst we can do to a poor country. They are seeking a better economic life for themselves, but forget their original purpose of seeking their careers.

10. Before we send soldiers abroad or explore space (both have some merits but not cost effective to the average citizen), should we solve our home problems such as health care first? Get our priority straight.

11. The average last two years of one's life would be the most expensive health care cost. Many do not want to live thru pains and sufferings. Should we let them pass away in peace if they want to?

12. Stem cell is proven to be promising. We should not let our politicians dictate the policy for religious reasons. When some have no choice, they will go to foreign countries to receive the riskiest treatments. Why let them know their risk and let them do here in a better environment?

US permissibility

This is my theory of permissibility (for lack of a better term). When a country is getting too rich, she tends to be more permissible. US has a lot of examples:

* Obesity, drug, liquor abuse are acceptable in the society. Drunk drivers have mild punishment - the jurors (drunk themselves) let them go easy. Actors with drug abuse are still be idolized. The society needs to adapt to fat folks like wider seats in the air planes and buses instead of eating healthier food and doing more exercise.

* Failed businesses are not allowed to fail by bailout money.

* Instead of training our kids to harder education in science, just hire foreigners.

* Encourage folks to be lazy. If you have a job at McDonald's, you are not qualified to free medical delivery. Encourage 3 generations of teenage mothers by our generous social system. Hire foreigners for jobs no one wants to do as total compensation will be less if s/he works.

* We encourage to borrow money and spend like no tomorrow. With less taxes due to less employment and less income from corporations, we just print more money, and/or borrow more from our trader partners, even they're many times poorer than us.

* How easy to blame all our problems on others than ourselves? China should spend more, buy more from us, float their currency... and learn our bad habits!

On the bright side, most US problems can be fixed easily compared to most other countries. It is still a rich country in term of natural resources/farm land per capita. We need to tighten our belt and not to fight wars we cannot afford. Let them fight for their own freedom.

Silly equations

#1. corruption = wealthy folks wo power + powerful folks wo wealth.

#2 This one measures how successful a man is.

success = quantity of women you have * their avg. quality / avg. age
(for male)

success = how much money your husband has
(for female, sorry ladies)

In the old days, women were treated as property in China. Hope it is no longer true.

# 3. winner meter = sum of all expensive toys you have (women not counted) when you die

where women is treated as toy, you need to refer to equation #2.

# 4. On cutting girls for organs in Chinese malls.

Scary Disaster = Recession + Poverty + Corruption + Poor Governance

Is China manipulating currency?

It is partly true that Chinese manipulate the currency. However, it has no effect on American export to China (explain later). As American culture (or all others too), it is easy to blame others than ourselves: it is nothing wrong with our government and our citizens (both are big spenders and fight the wars we cannot afford), but the ‘evil’ Chinese.

- Chinese currency and Hong Kong too were basically pegged with US’s, so it would not affect import/export with currency fluctuations. Now, it is pegged mainly with US and EU.

- Most countries would like to increase the value of its own currency. If you borrow from me with my country’s currency and it increases its value by 10%, you need to pay me 10% more with your own currency.

For the same scenario, I can buy your country’s assets (like land, factories…) 10% cheaper.

- The drawback. It discourages import from US to China in theory if Chinese currency is adjusted to the market.

It is not true as US and China are perfect trade partners. The majority of Chinese goods are of cheap, low-cost consumer products and US goods are of high-tech and agricultural products … In a sentence, they do not compete with each other in general.

China keeps the currency close to US, so it has to eat their profits by reducing jobs loss. The US consumers benefit by low cost consumer goods. It is not true if you argue the jobs would stay in US. With the US high salary, it would go to other developing countries if not go to China. So, it is a win-win situation for US.

- What happened if China cashed in the US debts. US economy would run further down. China living standard would be improved. However, there will be more folks out of work and hence cause social unrest. It is a trade off China has to make, but no one will finance US's reckless spending for ever.

- One way is go back to the gold standard that was removed by US. Basically your currency value is adjusted by the gold reserve in your central bank.

Rape of Nanjing

I recommend every Chinese watch some movies about Nanjing. I hope some Japanese to watch them too, esp. the young generation. The old ones will never change and they just bring their crime to the graves with them. The one I watched is about our respected Mr. Rabe, who had saved a lot of Chinese.

It turned humans into animals (Japanese), and humans into Saints (Mr. Rabe). How ironic the Nazi flag saved some buildings from being bombed!

I am still angry with those interviews with Japanese soldiers. They’re war criminals. One talked about nothing fun to rape a 12 (or 13) year old girl. One 12 (or 13) year old girl wanted to be raped to save herself and her grand pa.

The denial of Japan on this incident makes all human beings angry. Thanks to Iris Chang for writing the book on Nanjing and everyone making the documentary Nanjing (available from Netflix). How these soldiers feel if their own 12 year old grand children were raped?

The toughest victims were the children of those victims whose parents were killed, raped and tortured. Do you blame these folks for not buying Japanese products for life? Why these war criminals still are bragging instead of running for their lives like the German war criminals is beyond me. Are Chinese too forgiving? I would forget and let by-gone be by-gone but cannot if the criminals do not admit their crimes.

The Japanese suffering from the 2 atomic bombs is TOTALLY JUSTIFIED. Most died in dignity at least. Without the two bombs, US would invade Japan and many innocent folks would die. Violence against violence is usually not my cup of tea, but it makes perfect sense here. However, the two bombs should be dropped in the imperial palace, so most innocent citizens should not suffer and some smaller bombs on the 'shrines' of war criminals. The royal family started the invasion for power with no regard to human suffering and now they become the parasites of society.

The citizens in Nanjing were raped, tortured and murdered. Babies were tossed to the sky and died. 250K died (350K official) in Nanjing alone. The Japanese should remove the war criminals from the “Shrine of war heroes” where the prime ministers regularly pay respect - (to war criminals???).

The Letters from Iwo Jima portrays the Japanese soldiers as kind human beings. Most are animals and you're portraying the minority. Is this the biggest movie from Hollywood to describe the human natures of Japanese soldiers? If so, Hollywood and the west do not understand the east. They are just ignorant as usual.

If there were a God, I do not think Japan is not as prosperous as today. Or, the God is not fair.

I’m not a violent guy and this movie just drives me to my limit with unbearable sorrow. We should not spread hatred esp. from one generation to the next. However, as one American (forget his name) said: If we do not learn from history, we would likely repeat history.

After the recent tsunami, Japanese have gained our respect as developed citizens. I do not think they will be war criminals again. They have suffered enough, and let bye-gone be bye-gone. If you believe in your bad deed will haunt you eventually. It is about 50 years too late and the current generation has nothing to do with the war.

Only the coward fools fool themselves but no others to cover their crimes.


Be warned that these pictures are very gruesome.

Click here if the link does not work.

Generous social welfare

To me, welfare is a temporary fix and a safety net. In US, we have three generations of teenage mothers. When the system is too generous, people tend to be lazy (I believe laziness is human nature - leave it for another topic some day) and take advantage of. A lot of abuses. Our local newspapers and friends always point out these abuses.

My friend told me there were a gang of young folks playing the motor cycles the entire day. I knew some but not all are collecting ‘disability insurance from the government.’

The newspaper reported last month that a ‘disabled’ fireman participated in a body builder contest. We had one incident almost every month.

The aliens (most illegal) know how to take advantage of our welfare system which is not connected to immigration system. Steve mentioned some in his previous post. There are books teaching folks in Taiwan how to have a rich life in US without spending their own saving.

As I said before, China and US are extremes. I do not see many homeless in China as folks there take care of themselves and depend on themselves more as they do not have a safety net like US. That’s a good thing. I bet every beggar in Beijing has a sad story behind.

US becomes a permissible society with the riches. I’m pro sharing the riches of the society and that’s what the high taxes are for. But, the generous welfare could discourage folks to work hard. As in my last post, who wants to work when your total benefits would be reduced when you work? Same for saving. If you have over 1,000 in a bank account, you’re not eligible for the $800 monthly social security supplement.

Sorry the state is confusing to folks outside US. The entitlements come in two parts: federal government and the state (like California or Mass.). The state like Mass. tries to balance the budget by releasing mental retards from the hospitals earlier than necessary. The drunks are addicts are the products of permissible society to me. They have to help themselves first and the state has to take some action to solve their root problems. Giving them money is not a solution but help them to buy the next drug or liquor. With the generous housing subsidy, free medical help, food stamps…, I wonder why these folks cannot survive in US.

I’m not in social science but just use my common sense. It is over-simplified for discussion via my observation. I see government wasted a lot of money in the welfare projects that did not fare well. Examples abundant: dismantle the housing for the poor due to no security police, best equipment to schools with students who do not want to learn… Not OK when we do not learn from past mistakes.

Universal health care

Universal health care is good and bad as most systems are. Usually Canadians adopt what works in US, but not this time. Some die because the system does not allow them certain treatments or they’re in the waiting list too long.

US has a lot of holes in the current system. When you go to emergency, you’re automatically covered in most states, even if you’re illegal aliens. Not so for a regular doctor’s visit for the same health problem. The poor in Mass is pretty much covered except dental for adults.

My proposal, ideal but not practical or too many politicians/purists twisting my arm: A safety net for basic treatment for all. Then, the better coverage is paid for by individual. My point is to encourage folks to work hard, make more money and pay their own health coverage. Nothing special, noble - just common sense.

Multiplication table

Are Chinese smart in maths. due to memorizing the multiplication table? Click here for detail.

We are not aware of the importance of multiplication table until we have US school kids to compare with. Now I know why I think in English, compute in Chinese and look/speak/write like a FOB (fresh off boat). :)


According to my world (male, biased and stupid), all women are divided into “beautiful” and “not beautiful”.

The “not beautiful” are sub divided as “smart”, “educated”, “tall”, “thin”, “cute”, “young”, “rich”, “sociable”…

There is no need to sub divide “beautiful” women - I really do not care whether you're smart, rich, young...

Sorry to offend half (or one quarter depending whether you like flattering) of the world population in one sentence.

Next time some one calls you "cute" and you happen to be a lady, be careful what he really means. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My stupid name is Boris

I wrote the following after watching the closing ceremony of the Olympic. It is a satire but it is not too far away from the truth. We did have street sweepers from London holding jobs as high officials in Hong Kong - my late father could name names. Actually it was an upgrade when British government sent high crime prisoners as early settlers to Australia. Several folks from EU were very upset and you be the judge.


Hi, my name is Boris

I’m the mayor of London. If I look familiar to you, it is because I was in the closing ceremony in the Beijing Olympic. I have a confession.

I had two dozens of the great Chinese beer and our famous opium before the ceremony (luckily they did not test me for drug). That’s why I looked like a happy child and the flag was so heavy to wave when it was passed to me.

I did not button my jacket, as it was too hot for my big belly. By the way, I picked up the jacket from the flea market. It is a little big, but the price is right.

If you found any grammatical mistake in this confession, it is because I just barely passed high school.

If you asked me why I am the mayor of London, you have to ask why my brother-in-law, a janitor in London, was the governor of Hong Kong.

How many Briton can make all Britons ugly and stupid in 8 minutes? I’m the only one and for that I should get a gold medal.

How to save the airline industry

Bill just forwarded his idea of saving the airline industry. The picture of the good looking stewardess is included now so I need to make this blog PG17 or PG21 for Chinese.



Dump the male flight attendants. No one wanted them in the first place.

Replace all the female flight attendants with good-looking strippers! What the hell, they don’t even serve food anymore, so what’s the loss?

The strippers would at least triple the alcohol sales and get a ‘party atmosphere’ going in the cabin. And, of course, every businessman in this country would start flying again, hoping to see naked women.

Because of the tips, female flight attendants wouldn’t need a salary, thus saving even more money. I suspect tips would be so good that we could charge the women for working the plane and have them kick back 20% of the tips, including lap dances and ’special services.’

Muslims would be afraid to get on the planes for fear of seeing naked women. Hijackings would come to a screeching halt, and the airline industry would see record revenues.

This is definitely a win-win situation if we handle it right — a golden opportunity to turn a liability into an asset.

Why didn’t Bush think of this? Why do I still have to do everything myself?

Bill Clinton


My reply to Bill is as follows:

Hi Bill,

We have started this service in ‘Virgin’ Airline - our logo is ‘Everyone can ride on a virgin’, or’ all our stewardess were virgins’.. There is a section for children and ladies (unless she is lesbian). The demonstration of sucking oxygen is breath-taking and every one pays attention. I stop dreaming what they do for first class service… :)

We also offer job opportunities for your former ‘assistants’. Lewinski and her look-alike will bring a lot of expertise to our airline.

We can double the profits by having a section for ladies and gays.

Your bright ideas always work. We respect your ‘Just Do it’ spirit. How many can change the defination of ’sex’ and ‘intern’ overnight?

Keep it up, Tony

Celebration of Olympic Bronze

* Celebration of Olympic Bronze

What happened?
How can we lose gold count to China, a third world country?
Let’s have a national holiday of mourning. No one objects I bet!
Let’s have a national contest of the best excuses of winning so less gold medals.
It has to be the BEST, so it could worth a gold in this category.

What to do?
Borrow more money from China to buy foreign coaches…
No Speedo to Australia and China.
My secret weapon is to import 8 Jamaican runners. Money talks!
Bribe the judges (a little harder as everyone hates us but money talks again).
Change all the rules to our favor: 5 medals for basketball, 1 for table tennis, 0 for diving…
All tiebreakers must go our way as our sponsors own the Olympics.
We will amplify their “shortcomings”:
copying our advance lip sing technique, working too hard, starting before you can walk, their security system too tight, the Chinese smiling too much…
The Chinese must have put slippery jell on our batons and/or the gym apparatus.
Develop a dope that can take out all dope traces from our body.
“One country, all medals” is our new Olympics slogan.
The more wishfully we think, the closer we succeed.

How to heal now, really?
Write to Dear Abby for starter.
Bronze is the same as gold if not better.
If you do not believe me, ask any blind person here.
It is harder to get a bronze as we have to LET two others to win.
We’ll train our athletes for the bronze from now on.
NBC should interview bronze winners only as they are the real winners.
Actually we’ll be happier to be #3 and build a better relationship with other nations.
Stop laughing. It is a fact!!!
Phelps, we love you more with 8 bronze medals - it is no easy job to let 2 and ONLY 2 pass you 8 times.

If everything does not work, turn ugly.
Ask McDonald’s and KFC to give away their “food” (better than opium) to China FREE, so their next generation will be so fat that they cannot walk to the subway station.
Send soldiers to grab the medals, esp. gold. Hey, we have the best offense.

Will the world be better if we only fought for gold medals only (bronze medals in our case)?
What an Olympic spirit to celebrate the winning of the bronze!

China, the human rights lover

China, the human rights lover

* Contrary to popular belief, it is a fact.
30 years ago, many Chinese died of starvation, did not have a roof over their heads…
Not any more now.
Are these the basic human rights?

* Why you’re lied to.
The media wants to create controversy to sell their stuffs.
The politician wants to establish a common enemy, so you ignore more important problems that they cannot fix.
The offense companies have more reason to expand.
They all assume you are stupid and cannot analyze.

* Why is US a human rights violator.
How many we killed and how many Chinese killed abroad last year?
How many innocent people we have to kill in Iraq before we stop?
How many national guards are sent to the killing field against their will??
Should we destroy another country accusing them to have ‘mass destruction weapons’?
Why it is OK for us to own nuclear weapons that can destroy the entire world with a push of a button?
How many citizens die of obesity as we encourage “good” food?
How many poor remain to be poor for generations due to our generous welfare system?
How many our children are killed every year due to our lack of gun control law?
Gun control is not even an issue for both political parties for as long as I can remember.
How many teenage mothers we encourage starting from the top politicians?
How many Indians stay in their reservation forever and got drunk by not providing them with jobs?
How we use up the world’s oil and blame China who uses less than ¼ of ours per capita?
In addition, a good portion of China’s oil is used to manufacture our stuffs that we do not really need.
China has been victim (8-nation army for helping Brits to push Opium and WW2), and US always involves in wars.
How we blame China for military expenditure while ours is 10 times theirs?
How we encourage our citizens to spend on credit and buy houses we cannot afford until the entire financial system collapses?
When special interest groups donate millions to politicians, how can they make unbiased decisions for us?
Protesting child labor abuse (or prisoner labor abuse) is just ridiculous if that job means the only meal for the child for the entire day.

The list is endless.

China has its own problems and we have our own. Let each work on her problems and we’ll have a better world.

Your yardstick is good for your country but not mine, and China’s yardstick is comparing China 30 years ago. It is laughable to use the yardstick of a developed country (US) to measure a developing country (China), and vice versa. Depending on which yardstick you’re using, China could be a human right lover and US a violator – that could sound funny!

How to win in lottery

It is easy to win if you ask me nicely to borrow my time machine to go several days forward to get the winning number.


In Mass. we will have a jackpot over $250M this Tue. I will go to the Mass. lottery office on Tue morning and buy all possible combination.

I'll be filthy rich if there is only one winner (me).

OK if there is another winner.

You never see my ugly face in USA if there are more than two.

I did some calculation with the expected value = jackpot * probability + 2nd price * probability+... and compare it to the present value of 20 installments based on 3% return and consider 50% tax rate. If my memory is good, $150 M jackpot is a fair value.

Below $150 M jackpot, it is a fool's game but benefiting local towns.

To reduce the chance of duplicated winners, you need not to select #1 to 30, the birthdays.

What we really win for $1 bet.
If we buy the ticket on Tue and the announcement of the winner is on Friday, we've 3 sweet dreams. We will promise how much we donate to charities and friends. Not too bad for $1.

Lady missing a flight

To enjoy the best 3 minutes of your day, click the video here - 4 M hits and still counting.

You will lose some fun if you do not understand Cantonese, but it is so funny that I almost die.

What do you do when you miss a flight? I hope you're not the lady here.

She won the American Funniest Video without even showing up.

What do you do if your wife is like that?

For Chinese banquets at 7 pm, no food is served before 9 pm - teach Chinese a lesson of punctuality.

She missed the flight due to bargaining at the duty-free shop.

She was driven crazy as she just missed her appointment with a nail/hair salon in San Francisco.

She is the center of the universe, just like my daughter.

She told her 'stupid' husband he should have put his stupid foot inside the door while waiting for her.

She argued that she was not late as she saw the plane still parked there.

She shouted in Cantonese why they're so inhuman and treated her like a stupid pig which she really is.

She will give a demo in Dance with Stars - how to take out all the frustration in life in just 3 minutes. :)

That's nothing compared to what she did while debating in Taiwan's congress.

She is the model of all Chinese ladies - you need to fight for your right. I can go on forever from her inspiration.

If this drama queen were a US citizen (where carrying gun is legal), we're in big trouble.

I would like some one to interview her teachers from kindergarten to see what's wrong with Hong Kong's education system.

She redefines the term 'human residue'.

She is invited to all talk shows at $5000 each plus expenses. What a smart lady for 3 minutes of work? However, she just missed the chance of an Oscar this year.

It just made more than 5 millions folks around the world laugh and forget our bad recession for 3 minutes. For that, I would give her an Oscar and even a Nobel Peace Prize.

When you visit Hong Kong next time, there is a memorial in her name standing next to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan - she is better looking than the other two.

All Chinese esp. ladies in Canton and HK would gladly point out the lady is a Japanese. Many Chinese guys happily point out his ex-wife is just like this one.

This is what happens when you spin an 'Oriental" a few times and she becomes 'disoriented'.

If you do anything crazy, relax and watch this video. You cannot top this one.

It seems all Orientals carry a video camera, so watch out your behavior in public esp. in Asia.

It also teaches us not to eat any extra spicy Chinese food before we go to an airport.

She could have called the airline telling them there was a bomb in the plane. I bet they would come back to pick her up.

I find at least 3 ladies in my life just like her (no names please). How many do you find?

My good friend Joe gave the following explanation:
Most of us were born before or right after WWII. HK lowest point
population during WWII was around half million. Rest assure most of us
either refugee to HK or kids of refugee. May be that is why! The war gets
to us.

HK progresses very fast. May be humanity can't catch up with economic miracle.
Reply: curious about the behavior of the new generation of 'little emperors in China'.

Do you think it is staged? She wanted to be famous without spending a dollar. Do you know her man friend took the video and loaded it to internet? She is laughing at us and our stupid world all the way to the bank.

Sex for seniors

Dear classmates of 1967,


1. Wear your glasses. Make sure your partner is actually in the bed.

2. Set timer for 3 minutes, in case you doze off in the middle.

3. Set the mood with lighting. (Turn them ALL OFF!)

4. Make sure you put 911 on your speed dial before you begin.

5. Write partner’s name on your hand in case you can’t remember.

6. Keep the polygrip close by so your teeth don’t end up under the bed.

7. Have Tylenol ready in case you actually complete the act.

8. Make all the noise you want. The neighbors are deaf too.

9. If it works, call everyone you know with the good news.

10. Don’t even think about trying it twice.

(This was sent in large type so you can read it.)

Sincerely, Pauline.


My reply.

Hi Pauline and all classmates,

Ha, ha, Pauline. ROTFL. It MUST be from your experience, thanks for sharing.

I like to add (not from my experience though).

11. Take Viagra at least 5 hours earlier - allow time for your weak body to digest and distribute to the right organ.

12. Take pills for your high blood pressure before and after.

13. After it is done, mark it on the calendar, so you know when to do it again - do not depend on your poor memory. If your calendar does not have dates for next year, buy one even it is your last dollar.

14. If your partner died fortunately or unfortunately during the exercise, it would be great on your resume. Check whether s/he has a smile on the face and let us know.

15. If you cannot make love due to the big bellies in between, it is quite normal and medically we call it ‘mission impossible’. Consult some Chinese and Indian old books on special techniques/positions. If it still fails, call Dr. Ruth immediately.

Again thanks for sharing this important information. Your sincerity and honesty are greatly appreciated. I hope it will be useful to me 20 years later. At the mean time, practice, practice, and more practice.

Throwing shoe at Mr Wen

Please do not throw your shoe at Mr. Wen unless it is a luxury brand costing hundreds of dollars. If you do, you need to throw the entire pair, so I can donate them to the poor. Now, you need to buy a pair of shoes from China to help their regime.

You need to be more creative - copycat has no place in our society. I understand your energy, good nature and idealism. I was the same when I was at your age. I hope you’re there to protest for China when your ancestors pushed opium to China.
It is history that the Britain’s evil parliament approved to send warships to enforce the opium trade to China. The alliance of foreign countries burned China’s summer palace, looted all the treasures… Imagine some foreigners come to London, loot your Buckingham Palace, and burned it down.

Spend your energy elsewhere. The choices are unlimited: CEOs enjoying outrageous benefits/bonuses from companies receiving bailouts, or helping US to kill Iraqi children in a war you cannot afford.

Your similar action on the wheel-chair torch bearer for Olympic showed the world how barbarous and coward you are. If the one being attacked were Yao Ming, you would be a man.

* Chinaman for President *

* Chinaman for President *

I promise every citizen will have a couch and unlimited supply of potato chip. Here are my solutions to all our problems.

Federal deficit. No more foreign invasion like Iraq. Enough billions will be saved to fulfill my above promise for many generations to come!

Trade deficit. Sell every missile, atomic bomb and carrier to China as we do not need them any more. Make the Chinese promise not to use them against us, or we can change the GPS to reroute all the missiles back to Beijing.

Economy. Only bail out greedy companies as greed is good. How hard to speed up the money printing machine? Or, borrow more from China. No money, no import.

Human rights. No gun for our citizens. If that Chinese had an AK 45 in the Beijing Olympic incidence, imagine how many would be killed. Learn from the human right lovers.

Illegal immigrants. When caught, send them to Alaska for the hardest labor on earth. I bet even the dumbest Mexican will not come here illegally. Problem solved. The nice guy I pay pennies to clean up my yard is the only exception.

Education. Just import some smart, young, educated Chinese that they have plenty to spare. Why spend billions to produce mediocre college graduates who cannot count from 1 to 12 (unless they have 12 fingers)?

Social welfare. All welfare cheaters including all politicians will be sent to China for re-education. Cheap and effective.

Obesity. The more walking refrigerators we have, the wealthier we look. Feel sorry for the skinny Chinese suffering from malnutrition.

Medical Delivery. You do not pay, you die. Crude but very effective way to encourage you to work hard, save, small government, and do not blame all your problems on others.

Permissibility. Encourage teenage pregnancy - our politicians set up great examples. There will be more under-aged gymnasts to choose from.

Social security. Import more young foreigners for jobs, hence contributing to social security. Encourage old citizens to die early to reduce the draw from the pot by giving them unlimited supply of Viagra, alcohol…

Politicians. They tell you what you want to hear: no income tax, bailout, rebate checks, and free medical delivery. They think you’re stupid enough not to ask “where the money comes from”.

This message is approved (as all dumb politicians with no creativity would say) by your friendly Chinese government, who wants you buy more couches and potato chips.

Paris auction of looted Chinese treasures

First some history.
The Britain’s evil parliament approved to send warships to enforce the opium trade to China. What do you call a country pushing opium?

It is about 200 years ago, but it seems it is forgotten outside China. The settlement asked China to compensate all the opium burned by the Chinese and army expenses, open the seaports for opium trade, release the Chinese prisoners who helped the British, cede Hong Kong…

Imagine Cambodia asks US to pay for the opium burned during US raids and their army expenses, open more seaports for opium trade, release all the traitors who helped Cambodia during the war, and cede Hawaii to Cambodia. How outrageous?
Cambodia can be replaced by another opium export country.

The alliance of foreign countries burned China’s summer palace, looted all the treasures (most are done by over 3,000 Franco-British soldiers and took 3 days/nights to burn it down)… Imagine foreigners loot all the treasures from Buckingham Palace and burn it down.

The common excuse from the west is the rebellion against the west. As some one said in the blog, they’re patriots or rebels. How outrageous to open opium trades by using force in the first place.

All European foreigners to Beijing should be informed of the ruin so we can learn not to repeat from history. You do not see many foreigners in the ruin. Same as few Japanese tourists in the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

All the museums in Europe should classify whether the Chinese treasures are loots and posted the info if necessary. I like to know the percentage of the Chinese treasures are loots.

If it is stolen, it should be returned to the owner. From stolen jewelry from your house to mummy from Egypt.

No matter how many times it is legally traded and as long as it is stolen it is still loot.

Reality check.

It would be a moral victory but not feasible to stop the auction. All the lawyers can tell you that. I just want to raise the awareness of the beginning part of our bad history (late Qing to end of Mao). A lot of lawyers donate their services free for China on this incident, so I have a higher respect on the legal profession. :)
The auction is intended for AIDS research. I suggest to give the part of the auction to a Chinese university on same cause, preferably in Beijing.
I came across YingYing's comment as follows. Just sad and no words can describe how outrageous the barbarians from the west were. Thanks YingYing. With this kind of grand palace for pleasure including the marble boat, I wonder how the regime could be strong to protect its citizens.

Let's hope that the history will not repeat since problems are over our head again!! Can we ever learn as human?? We always choose destruction to solve our problems. We do not have much left to destroy…

The Old Summer Palace which was built in the 18th and early 19th century were destroyed by British and French troops in 1860. It was almost 5 times the size of the Forbidden City, and 8 times the size of the Vatican City.

There were also a few buildings in Tibetan and Mongol styles, and European-style buildings reflecting the diversity of the Qing Empire. It had hundreds of halls, pavilions, temples, galleries, gardens, lakes, etc. Several famous landscapes of southern China had been reproduced in the Imperial Gardens, hundreds of invaluable Chinese art masterpieces and antiquities were stored in the halls, making the Imperial Gardens one of the largest museums in the world. Some unique copies of literary work and compilations were also stored inside the Imperial Gardens.

It took 3,500 British troops to set the entire place ablaze, taking three days to burn.

Charles George Gordon, a 27-year-old captain in the Royal Engineers wrote: “We went out, and, after pillaging it, burned the whole place, destroying in a vandal-like manner most valuable property which [could] not be replaced for four millions. We got upward of £48 apiece prize money…I have done well. The [local] people are very civil, but I think the grandees hate us, as they must after what we did the Palace. You can scarcely imagine the beauty and magnificence of the places we burnt. It made one’s heart sore to burn them; in fact, these places were so large, and we were so pressed for time, that we could not plunder them carefully. Quantities of gold ornaments were burnt, considered as brass. It was wretchedly demoralizing work for an army.”

Some contemporary Frenchmen, such as Victor Hugo, disapproved of the action; in his "Expédition de Chine", Hugo described the looting as, "'Two robbers breaking into a museum, devastating, looting and burning, leaving laughing hand-in-hand with their bags full of treasures; one of the robbers is called France and the other Britain. In his letter Hugo hoped that one day France would feel guilty and return what it had plundered from China.

China helps African countries

Here is a great article on this topic.

Here is a great debate on China's aids to Africa. It is a long 7 parts and full of updated info. The two panelists against China did not debate with facts but had their own agenda (one selling a book).

African countries should control their destinies and learn how to deal with all foreigners. I believe China's economic model is better suited to Africa than the western model as China was at similar stage before. Bill Gates imports the same US agricultural model to Africa which will not be useful when they leave. We need to let them independent for long term as the son of Warren Buffet mentioned. So are the foreign aids that make some African farms bankrupt as they cannot compete with free farm products.

China helps them to build roads in order to extract their mines and oil. Without that, the natural resources will remain unexplored for ever. That is only strategic and it also benefits the majority of Africans. China helps them to fish than giving fishes for their rest of their lives. Contrast to colonization from the west, China helps them to build infrastructure, opera houses, stadiums, hospitals and universities.

As in most of the previous investment from all foreign countries, Chinese make mistakes and hopefully they learn it so they will not repeat the same mistake.

China and Africa should be good trade partners. When there is money available, corruption follows. It happens in most developing countries. Human right is better with better economy in most cases. Hence, China's improving their economies would improve the human rights in theory.

Being a developing country herself, it is not China’s responsibility to fight for the human rights/freedom of their trade partners, but their own citizens’ - did the world learn on foreign intervention from what Bush did to the Middle East?

Free Tibet, my holy foot

* Free Tibet , my holy foot *

Please do not liberate my country. I understand your energy, good nature and idealism. I was the same when I was at your age. I hope you’re there to protest for China when your ancestors pushed opium to China. It is history that the Britain’s evil parliament approved to send warships to enforce the opium trade to China.

First, thanks you all. Now, I’m a naturalized US citizen collecting generous welfare benefits. You do not understand how my life has been improved staying here. Just imagine living in the highest mountain in your country year round.

There are always folks wanting to be kings and queens. They have their ambitions and revolutionary ideas. The last ones went to India after the failed revolt sponsored by CIA. Please let me know who sponsor today’s Tibetan movements – not seem to be a Mickey Mouse production. They do not speak for the common folks who just want a peaceful life.

News on Tibet must feed a lot of reporters in the west but hurt their conscience. Some are not true. The recent Tibetan riot was started when Han Chinese were murdered but was reported wrongly with photos that were bought and modified to indicate it was the other way round. To be fair, Chinese reporters are no angels.

The Chinese will not give up Tibet. It is the major water source for most of Asia. We get more from the Chinese than giving back. How many territories within a country become independent? Our standard of living improves substantially and so is our literacy rate.

The new train and the proposed 750 small dams to generate electricity are recent gifts. I bet the extraction of natural Chinese will improve our living standard further. It is the same as opening a casino in an Indian reservation. The benefits outnumber the drawbacks.

China had been ruled by Mongolians and Manchurians. We’re one of the 55 minorities, same as the blacks in your country or the Quebec French in Canada. Dali Lama must be the best salesman on earth with the circus of silly and most likely uneducated Hollywood celebrities - most of them approved Polanski in raping a 13 year girl. If there were one like him for Mongolia, one for Manchuria, you guys will be busy for a long while.

Unless you can convince your congress to send soldiers to ‘liberate’ us, please do not stir up our rebellious sentiment towards the Chinese. The more you do, the more our folks suffer and ‘disappear’.

Spend your energy elsewhere. The choices are unlimited: CEOs enjoying outrageous benefits/bonuses from companies receiving bailouts, or killing Iraqi children in a war you cannot afford. Hope you folks can find the mass destruction weapon in Iraq some days.

Everywhere in China, you see Tibetan cultures have been maintained – different from what your ‘reporters’ report. All the minorities have been exempted from the one-child policy.

Check out this Do they look oppressed to you?

It sounds like propaganda. I want you to know that I have no connection with the Chinese government. Your action on the wheel-chair torch bearer for Olympic showed the world how barbarous and coward you are.

I just want to be realistic and the world at least my world will be more peaceful without your demonstrations. I wrote the above from the mind of a silent majority of Tibetans.