Sunday, November 15, 2009

Being a Chinaman

Hi Ding Bai,

Wow! Just one day, you learn a lot about the rest of US outside your NYC village. Welcome to America finally!

(Please see the refreshing post by Ding Bai above)

Prejudice and ignorance come hand-in-hand and your experience is a living proof of that. I do not blame the old generation in an isolated part of US as their image of a Chinaman is some one with a pigtail working in railroad, laundry or a Chinese restaurant that serves cat meat.

Denny’s had a poor reputation in racial harmony. They suffered from a lawsuit of not serving black and lost. They never learn. I skip going to Denny’s for life even for their free breakfasts!

A Chinese professor at U. Mass. at Amhert wrote in the college newspaper 35 years ago, “If you do not believe a Chinese can teach in college, please come to room 1234 in Engineering Building.”

I have my share of discrimination experience:

* When I was in beautiful Calgary 25 years ago with my American female co-worker in the annual Stampede Festival, every one starred at us like we’re UFOs.

* After I got the highest award in my department, some managers treated me very rudely and had a lot racial remarks on me behind my back – and the remarks came back to me (intentionally?). My work place was a phone company in Mass. with a lot of uneducated Irish playing politics all day long.

* I never play my Chinese card except once. When I got a bad table (even I was the first one in) in a Vegas show. It could due to no tips to the guy leading me to a table but it could be racially motivated. They’re scared to hell when I shouted for seeing their supervisor and they gave me the best table. I could have too many drinks and that scared my wife. From then no, no more Mr. Nice guys to racists.

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