Saturday, November 14, 2009

Throwing shoe at Mr Wen

Please do not throw your shoe at Mr. Wen unless it is a luxury brand costing hundreds of dollars. If you do, you need to throw the entire pair, so I can donate them to the poor. Now, you need to buy a pair of shoes from China to help their regime.

You need to be more creative - copycat has no place in our society. I understand your energy, good nature and idealism. I was the same when I was at your age. I hope you’re there to protest for China when your ancestors pushed opium to China.
It is history that the Britain’s evil parliament approved to send warships to enforce the opium trade to China. The alliance of foreign countries burned China’s summer palace, looted all the treasures… Imagine some foreigners come to London, loot your Buckingham Palace, and burned it down.

Spend your energy elsewhere. The choices are unlimited: CEOs enjoying outrageous benefits/bonuses from companies receiving bailouts, or helping US to kill Iraqi children in a war you cannot afford.

Your similar action on the wheel-chair torch bearer for Olympic showed the world how barbarous and coward you are. If the one being attacked were Yao Ming, you would be a man.

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