Sunday, November 15, 2009

Politicians and prostitutes

Which one is more trustworthy: politicians or prostitutes?
No matter it is East or West, prostitutes are more trustworthy than politicians.
* Prostitutes provide basic, human service, esp. in Chinese society where

there is a big imbalance in male and female ratio. Politicians do not.
* Prostitutes provide the ultimate basic value (after food and shelter).

The entertainment value has no match. Politicians do not.
* Both lie and tell you what you want to hear, but sooth your body more and

drive your ego to the roof when it is from the prostitutes.
* Prostitutes work hard for your money, while politicians cheat hard for your money.
* Both work for cash only and usually under the table.
* Only politicians’ wives want to sleep with the spouse, but not so for prostitutes

– ask Clinton for verification.

Viagra is a wonderful product that supply new market to prostitutes and make them fully employed, a deed that our president fails to accomplish.
The above is my observation, and not from my personal experience. :)

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