Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lady missing a flight

To enjoy the best 3 minutes of your day, click the video here - 4 M hits and still counting.

You will lose some fun if you do not understand Cantonese, but it is so funny that I almost die.

What do you do when you miss a flight? I hope you're not the lady here.

She won the American Funniest Video without even showing up.

What do you do if your wife is like that?

For Chinese banquets at 7 pm, no food is served before 9 pm - teach Chinese a lesson of punctuality.

She missed the flight due to bargaining at the duty-free shop.

She was driven crazy as she just missed her appointment with a nail/hair salon in San Francisco.

She is the center of the universe, just like my daughter.

She told her 'stupid' husband he should have put his stupid foot inside the door while waiting for her.

She argued that she was not late as she saw the plane still parked there.

She shouted in Cantonese why they're so inhuman and treated her like a stupid pig which she really is.

She will give a demo in Dance with Stars - how to take out all the frustration in life in just 3 minutes. :)

That's nothing compared to what she did while debating in Taiwan's congress.

She is the model of all Chinese ladies - you need to fight for your right. I can go on forever from her inspiration.

If this drama queen were a US citizen (where carrying gun is legal), we're in big trouble.

I would like some one to interview her teachers from kindergarten to see what's wrong with Hong Kong's education system.

She redefines the term 'human residue'.

She is invited to all talk shows at $5000 each plus expenses. What a smart lady for 3 minutes of work? However, she just missed the chance of an Oscar this year.

It just made more than 5 millions folks around the world laugh and forget our bad recession for 3 minutes. For that, I would give her an Oscar and even a Nobel Peace Prize.

When you visit Hong Kong next time, there is a memorial in her name standing next to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan - she is better looking than the other two.

All Chinese esp. ladies in Canton and HK would gladly point out the lady is a Japanese. Many Chinese guys happily point out his ex-wife is just like this one.

This is what happens when you spin an 'Oriental" a few times and she becomes 'disoriented'.

If you do anything crazy, relax and watch this video. You cannot top this one.

It seems all Orientals carry a video camera, so watch out your behavior in public esp. in Asia.

It also teaches us not to eat any extra spicy Chinese food before we go to an airport.

She could have called the airline telling them there was a bomb in the plane. I bet they would come back to pick her up.

I find at least 3 ladies in my life just like her (no names please). How many do you find?

My good friend Joe gave the following explanation:
Most of us were born before or right after WWII. HK lowest point
population during WWII was around half million. Rest assure most of us
either refugee to HK or kids of refugee. May be that is why! The war gets
to us.

HK progresses very fast. May be humanity can't catch up with economic miracle.
Reply: curious about the behavior of the new generation of 'little emperors in China'.

Do you think it is staged? She wanted to be famous without spending a dollar. Do you know her man friend took the video and loaded it to internet? She is laughing at us and our stupid world all the way to the bank.

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