Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anatomy of a joke

The anatomy of a joke.

You (assuming you’re older than 11) only laugh at something that is unusual like:

- ridiculously exaggerated

- body (female and male) parts we do not discuss/show normally – unless you have something better than the average. :)

- words with double meaning

So, about 30% of the jokes are about sex. If you do not believe me, turn on the cable TV tonight, count and classify the jokes. Let me know your result tomorrow.

If you're less than 11, please get off from your parents' PC and go back to your homework.


Here is one good example of a good joke. In addition to most that satisfy the criteria, it is brief and effective.

We were supposed to have 8″ of snow in Boston, but no snow. The beautiful but naive anchor lady asked the weather man, “Hi Bill, what happened to the 8″ you promised me last night?” The whole staff in the set laughed so loud that they’ve to go on commercial for the next hour.

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