Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nobel 'Peace' Prize

Gladly we accept Nobel Prize for Obama.
For nothing he did during his nomination.

Potentially he holds the key for peace -
By not pressing the button to destroy the world with our nuclear weapons,
Or not sending the nuclear carrier to enforce his kingdom,
Or for buying peace with money like no tomorrow.

Practically Deng saved a million from starving every year.
Not a nomination nod for this short guy.

Not destroying is more important than saving life.
Or Black is a better color than Yellow.

Wake up, you idiot committee.


According to Nobel's will, the Peace Prize should be awarded to the person who:

during the preceding year [...] shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.[1]


The Norwegians use 'Peace' Prize as a political tool to influence world affairs. Their yardstick is based on a rich country like Norway, so they oppose developing countries like China. The Prize should be given to where the credit is due. Period.


Why China will have more Nobel science winners.

(Some stat from Joe)

* Education. 6 million college grade a year. 1.5 million kids studying aboard. 10 times. US science graduates including science PhDs.


Why China will not have Nobel science winners soon.

* Education stressed on taking tests, not creative thinking (good and bad).

We do not have the space/guidance to do experiment when we're young. The most we did could be a simple radio. As a middle class, we never have to do any house work or use any machine/tool - the most I used is a screw driver once.

* Research facilities and faculties are just enhancing to the world standard.

* Effect of losing a generation of education due to Cultural Revolution is still with us, but hopefully disappears for ever.

Most top scientists are well-rounded and have good guidance from their family. Most are good in music, arts...

* Like Japan, pure research is too costly. Concentrate the effort on commercial products.

* Judging from the age of science recipients, it takes about 15 more years for China's scientists to be in the frontier stage of research.


Interesting but arguable facts.

* Dali Lama is the only one born and educated in China to receive a Nobel prize if he is considered a Chinese citizen.

* The Chinese writer winner is a French citizen and his works are censored in China.

(The above two are most likely political as the committee wants to give prizes to the enemies of China.)

* The current Nobel winner is from Hong Kong. He is not educated for early education in China then and a Chinese citizen by takeover.

* The Chinese winners who are citizens of foreign countries should be counted as 50% Chinese at most - I estimate about 70% of science PhDs in US were born in foreign countries.

* The second generation of Chinese winners who were born in a foreign country should be counted as 25% Chinese - just for the family education from their Chinese parents.


  1. Justkeeper says:

    I don’t doubt Gao’s huge contributions to human beings, I studied optical communication as a undergraduate. But being a physics researcher, I don’t think it brings about any innovation to the physics front. Since the mechanism behind the optical communication, the total reflection, is well understood and demonstrated to work probably more than 300 years ago. What’s left for Gao to do is actually overcoming a engineering challenge, in fact, he did this work for his thesis, which is on electrical engineering. In sum, I believe it’s a engineering problem rather than anything physics.

  2. Joe says:

    In your blog you mention Japanese are concentrated on commercial products only – which is not quite true. 8 Japanese get Nobel Science Prize in first decade of 21st century. It shows that Japanese are heavy contributors of Science in thirty years ago, which is 70ies and 80ies.

    Hard works pay off! Japanese used to come to US to study science. US #1 foreign students were Japanese. No more. The Nobel prize winner lists somewhat show the result – of course 30 years later. Therefore in 21st century there are 8 Japanese Nobel Prize Science winners in first decade. And Japanese will taping off very soon because Japanese is not coming anymore.

    That is why using Nobel Prize to judge current science contribution is false. You must delay that for 30 years before you study.

    Look for the whole 20 century, there are six Chinese but only 5 Japanese Nobel prize SCIENCE winner! While Japanese contribute to science in 20 century far more than Chinese, but the Nobel Prize delayed until 21st century. That is the nature of Nobel Prize.

    There are not that many Chinese came to US but Chinese are doing fine (not dominating) at early stage.

    After the WWII, Japanese ramp up her US foreign student number fast. So by 21st century, in mere 10 year time, there are 8 Japanese Nobel Prize winners.

    In 1990 decade, and 2000 decade, there are only 2 Chinese Nobel Prize winner each decade which is normal for out of China Chinese. And 50, 60, 70, 80 there are only two Chinese Nobel Prize winners, show that Chinese are rarely in US before WWII.

    Chinese start to show up in global universities. The ramping is fast! For mere 30 years, there are around 1.5m Chinese foreign students going abroad for further education. Never in human history there are so many foreign students from any nation are so eager to study abroad. Assuming they start being useful by now.

    Wait another 30 years Nobel Prize will fall into their hands. And China barely have top universities in 21st century, so wait another 30 years, Nobel prize will come from China universities. That is the only possible trend.

    Nobody can really judge right. It is just a logical assumption that all human are created equal. If Chinese work hard in Science, Chinese will get it. Since Chinese are working very hard in Science now, it is logical to assume Chinese will win. Assume Chinese education system is too ‘non-creative’ and won’t make is a false assumption.

    One thing for sure use Nobel Prize as reasoning is false. Nobel Prize only award to scientists who contribute 30 years ago. So if anyone truly under what Nobel Prize, and want to be fair, than he will not use Nobel Prize to judge.

    Charles Kao lived in Shanghai until his teens, studied in HK until high school. So if HK education system is so bad and kids from HK should not be innovative. Then HK should not have two Nobel Prize winners that have HK education background. So for those who curse HK education is unfounded. Just pure prejudices.

    So Chinese work much harder than any nation in Science, therefore China will excel in Science. It is just as simple as that. Unless you really think Chinese Jews are far less talented than European Jews, otherwise China will excel.

    I study genetic behavior for couple years. My German professor, a fair guy, finally give up continue research. Do you know what he told me: “All the data that we gather show that Chinese are very talented in math and Science or in any field for that matter, be it music or reading comprehension. Other than running, I can’t find Chinese are weak in anything. I don’t want to lie. But that kind of finding can never be a popular data. I must give up.”

    Do you know why Chinese are very good in PingPong? Because PingPong game depends on reflex too much. Chinese nerve response are in general much faster than whites or any other race. So it is hard for any other race to compete with Chinese well in this game of fast response.

    All men are not created equal!

  3. When you’re using internet today, there is a good chance you’re using optical fiber which is Gao’s work to make it feasible by taking out the impurities in the optical fiber. IBM and other corporations implemented fiber optic based on Kao’s work. Do you think internet is fast without fiber optic?

    Chinese scientists are doing better in US than in Europe – Kao is one of the few exceptions. There should be more Nobel winners from HK for years to come. HK has about 6.5 million and has done pretty good in most fronts.