Friday, November 28, 2014

Merry X'mas!

Today self-publishing system allows me to write books without spending a penny.  So far, it does not contribute much financial reward but it takes up too much of my time. It should be better used on investing. However, it is beneficial to me as an investor. For example, I have derived new strategies described in my new book SuperStocks (from In addition, I introduced my Pow P/E and Pow EY that take cash per share and debt per share into consideration. It improves the traditional P/E and EY substantially.

Many investing books today are too basic to be useful. Some books have only one theme that usually does not justify the investment (learning to be a better investor). My books try to resolve all these with my actual experiences as a retail investor like yourself.

Just my simple market timing technique would pay back your investment many times. There is nothing to subscribe and no tool to buy as the simple chart is provided free in many web sites. Don’t let the term ‘chart’ fool you as it is very easy to use. It is the best-kept secret. I’m the one to publicize it with my own testing. The average market loss from the last two plunges is about 45%. The chart depends on falling stock prices as data, so it will not save you 45% but it will reduce your losses; it worked for the last two market plunges.

I wrote “Debunk the Myths in Investing” and its sequel “Investing Strategies: Updated and Profitable”.  I combined the two books into “The Art of Investing”; the Kindle version has over 720 pages for $10. It is $25 for the printed version (quality paper is expensive) and the Concise Edition is $20.

The above books are for intermediate investors. Surprisingly many fund managers told me that they enjoyed them and found them very useful.  “Profit Stock Investing for Beginners and Couch Potatoes” is for beginners and couch potatoes (am I repeating myself?). It uses many techniques including market timing in other books but in the simplest term. It could be a perfect gift for the recent college graduates. It may be the most important book they should read beside the Bible to secure financial success.

Several of my articles were published in, a site for investors. It is my interest to share my findings with fellow retail investors.

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All are available from When you buy paperbacks from, you may be able to get the Kindle version for free or at very low price. Basically you buy the paperback with the Kindle version free or at very low price. You can keep one for yourself and give one to your friend. If you have my paperback book a while ago, you can get the updated Kindle book.

They make perfect gifts and gifts keep on gifting if the book is useful.

You can return books (check’s return policy).


My view on the market in 2015. Disclaim all liabilities.

For the last few years, most market predictors have their crystal balls broken. It is due to the excessive supply of money that leads to a non-correlation of the economy and the stock market. It cannot last forever. It will correlate again when the money supply is reduced.

2015 will be a tough year to predict. I will predict a gain of 7% if the market does not plunge. As usual, there will be two camps in opposite directions.

Good News
·         The market is slightly over-priced.
       SPY’s P/E is about 18 vs. the normal 15.
·         The economy is improving slowly.
·         Energy cost is reducing (bad for the energy sector).
·         Most corporations have good profits especially in the first and second quarter.

Bad News
·         Margin debt is in the record high. The market would usually plunge the next year after the year with high margin debt. Alarming!
·         Interest rate will climb after the mid year of 2015.
·         The national debts and obligations are high as a percentage of the GDP. If we legalize 4 million illegals, how many will give up their work and collect welfare?

What should we do

I would watch how the above will materialize. The weather man can predict the weather in the next few days better than the weather in the next month.

When the market is down, we need to know whether it is a correction or the start of a market plunge. For a correction, you want to buy stocks as in Oct. 15, 2014. For market plunges you want to sell. For me, I prefer to ignore corrections as it could be the start of a market plunge. Most predictions from analysts and fund managers are rosier than they actually are (their hidden agenda). Accept their ideas that make sense.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Article on China and two free books

* New article on China that may interest you.

It has many 'thanks' from the readers. It debunks many myths on China that you cannot find in most other articles.It also has a very brief way to evaluate ETFs with examples of several country ETFs recommended due to the rise of China.

* I visited China recently visiting the Chinese Yosemite and the Avatar Mountain that few foreigners go. They have over 150 photos total and several articles on China. If you do not have Kindle, you can load Kindle reader to your PC. If you have pictures that can be shared without restrictions of these two attractions, please send them to me at for the next edition.

Click the above links of the two books for free download on 

11/15/2014 (Saturday) or 11/22/2014 (Saturday).

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