Friday, December 2, 2016

Save the world

I prefer to pay double the money if the product (not applicable to electronic products such as TVs and mobile phones) lasts double the time. It is good for the environment. The problem is consumer makes the buy decision on price alone.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Imagine if Americans no longer bought Chinese goods what would china do?

* Can the Chinese say 'No'? Yes, as opposed to the Japanese and the rich oil countries decades ago. They do not need the US for natural resources. They do need farm products but they can be supplied by many such as Australia. They do not need American movies, music... Everything they can develop themselves. EU and Russia can supply airplanes for now.

The question is "What if China withdraws all the debts we owe?"

* A $20 wage can never compete with a $2 wage. It is the same of growing sugar cane in Alaska. It will work and create a few jobs but the cane would cost many, many times more.

Another happy reader

Hello, Tony!

I have recently begun reading and applying your knowledge into my investment strategies and overall plans.

I am attempting to find out if you are going to be publishing/writing/etc.... anything related more to 2017?

I have your "Profit from the 2017 Market Crash" and love your work
and effort to the cause.

Can you possibly provide me with other options where I can follow some of your efforts/comments? I'll keep looking on seeking alpha, but any other sites?

Thank you so much, Tony. I wish you much success!

Saving jobs?

Just finished my search for momentum stocks and listened to the TV saying that Trump saving 1000 jobs from moving a Carrier plant to Mexico.

It is similar to Bush announcing finishing the war in Middle East. Both are political 'wins' initially.

The fact is symbolism will not help. Carrier gave concession due to its business with the government. We can gain a lot of jobs by imposing a 45% tariffs on foreign products but that will trigger a trade war and we will end up to lose far more than we can gain.

The solution is to give up some jobs to lower-wage countries and save jobs that we have competitive advantage today. Retrain our workers. Make business easy to be profitable (via less regulations. less taxes, better infrastructure...). Just do not know why the decision makers making many times my wage cannot make these basic decisions. Politics must have covered the eyes and damaged their brains.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The best Christmas gift

If you still have Christmas gifts to buy (including one for yourself), consider buying the paperbacks today. E-books can be loaded almost instantly. My books on investing could truly mean gifting continues gifting forever and could make the reader a lot of money. I prefer investing like a turtle making small profits surely and slowly instead of betting it all. So far including this year, all my book profits are donated to charities.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What one is better?

You had an insider tip that could be hardly prosecuted and made a million dollar.


From a new strategy you developed, you made $10,000 each in 10 trades.

You are right in either answer. It all depends on your age. If you have more than 10 years from your expected life, most likely the second one is better.

Consider the compounding benefit for the second option. However, no strategy is evergreen and hence you have to modify it to suit current market conditions. The second advantage is tax. You may have to share your million with Uncle Sam and your friendly state collector is smiling too. If your strategy has been proven, you can use it in your Roth account to reduce taxes.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Today's news on Cuba, new phone...

* Does the communist Vietnam threaten us? No. So is Cuba. Cuba has no resources except cigar and prostitutes.
Is China today communist? China is more capitalist than us; if you do not work, you die. Castro was a dictator (nothing wrong if he were a good one) but he did prosecute many for not agreeing with him. What I learn is the power of embargo from the US and its allies. It reminds me the ally of 8 nations against China due to not opening the ports for trade. If you do not trade, we send soldiers. If we have nothing to trade, we push opium. Which one is more barbarous - you decide.
* The curve screen of the new mobile phone may give us a headache. It is good to prevent folks from looking at it all day long.
* In desert, jet fighters are king. That's why Israel still survives surrounded by enemies as predicted in the Bible.