Thursday, October 26, 2017

Simplified tax

I like to take out most deductions and favor fixed taxes.

No income taxes is possible if we just collect taxes on gasoline, property taxes, sales taxes... OK, it is not possible. However, just charge 10% for Federal tax and 5% for state tax and 0% for local tax - sounds reasonable?

Why punish folks for making more money?

I prefer no estate taxes. Why punish the savers and risk takers?

If it happens, many tax preparation services/software companies, tax lawyers and financial planners would be out-of-business but we have a easier life and the country would be more competitive.

GE, a trap or a value?

No one knows the bottom. Usually I want to buy it when the down trend has been stopped. This is a good price for value investors. Need to forget it for a year or two as we're swimming against the tide.

Fewer is more

Is the world better if we have fewer languages?

Korea and Japan should not change their languages from Chinese. If so, they can communicate better with each other. Too many languages is a barrier to communicate to me. Well, English is the universal language now besides sign language.

Chinese has been simplified for the efficiency to be inputted into the computers, phones... It lost the beauty and meaning. Every Chinese symbol has meaning from the simple 1, 2, 3 to water and mountain. Personally I lose half of the Chinese books that I want to read - I really retire. Or, I have to re-learn Chinese when I really retire.

History is the best teacher

Sterling used to be a reserve language. When the Brits printed it out excessively, no one wanted Sterling. If we do not learn from history, we will repeat history.

Euro is a fiat currency

So is US on reserve currency and this is the sign of our 'success'.

When the world wakes up, we will be screwed.


Barcelona is a richer 'province' for Spain due to the tourism and seaport. They do not want to share their wealth with others, sound familiar and logical?

Besides, the culture is a little different and they use a different language.

It is funny that many countries want to merge with us - most are poorer than us (surprise?)

I have been there two times for cruises. The city is well planned to me. In the places I went, most neighborhoods have a bar/restaurant at the intersection. Saw many healthy older (compared to me) folks walking around - we do not really need cars.The public transportation is easy and cheap.

Folks are extra friendly if they speak better English or I speak better Spanish.

EU and Euro

EU is still a mess.

Euro was good until some countries take advantage of it. Should they take out Euro and the free border.