Sunday, August 13, 2017

Warm water good

*Warm Water and Cold Water*
Health & Wealth

A group of Japanese Doctors confirmed that warm water is 💯 % effective in resolving some health problems👇, including:
Headache, migraine, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, pain of joints, sudden increasing and decreasing of heartbeat, Epilepsy, increasing level of cholesterol, cough, bodily discomfort, golu pain, asthma, hooping cough, blockage of veins, diseases related to uterus & urine, stomach problems, poor appetite, also all related diseases to the eyes, ear & throat.

Get up early in the morning and drink approximately 4 glasses of warm water when the stomach is empty. Do not eat anything 45 minutes thereafter.
You may not be able to make 4 glasses at the beginning, but slowly you will.
The warm water therapy will resolve many health issues within a reasonable period:
👉 Diabetes in 30 days
👉 Blood pressure in 30 days
👉 Stomach related issues in 10 days
👉 All types of cancer in 9 months
👉 Blockage of veins in 6 months
👉 Lack of hunger (Poor appetite?) in 10 days
👉 Uterus and related diseases in 10 days
👉 Nose, Ear & Throat problems in 10 days.
👉 Women problems(?) in 15 days,
👉 Heart diseases in 30 days
👉 Headache/Migraine in 3 days
👉 Low blood pressure in 30 days.
👉 Cholesterol in 4 months
👉 Epilepsy and paralysis continously in 9 months
👉 Asthma in 4 months.

 *COLD (hot water too from Tony) WATER (esp. soda from Tony) IS BAD FOR YOU*
🌻In the past, people used to say that if cold water does not affect you at a young age, it will harm you in old age👇
👉 Cold water closes 4 veins of the ♥️ heart and causes heart attack 💔; Cold drinks are the main reason for Heart Attacks.
👉 Cold water💦 creates problems in the liver; makes fat stick within the liver. Most of the people waiting for the transplant of liver are victims of cold water drinking.
👉cold water affects the internal walls of the stomach.
👉cold water affects the stomach and big intestine and results in cancer.
*Please don't keep this to yourself, tell someone to tell someone*

Tony: Information only and consult your doctor first.

Basher or apostle

There are Chinese cheer leaders (or apostles to some) and Chinese bashers. Obviously Thomas Friedman is a cheer leader. Google his articles such as this one.  Every country has her problems and China is no exception.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


I sold BA recently for the following reasons.

Forget all the metrics and look at the future on simple factors.

1. Are the new planes (most profitable ones) selling to make a big difference? I'm talking actual sales, not a position in the queue.

2. Are they still selling old planes that are not profit makers?

3. Is the world buying their planes - many factors such as global economy? The rising population could mean nothing if they happen in poor countries. China is a factor. However, their HSR (high speed rail) would replace most short routes (within 240 miles).

4. Competition with Air Bus. Despite the recent rise, the weak (compared to USD) Euro helps them to sell more Air Buses.

China & Taiwan

Both sides claim China are theirs. At least one time Chiang prepared his army and proclaimed "regain China". Today more Taiwanese were born in Taiwan than in China.

The points are:

1. One China.
2. China will be reunited into one like Vietnam, Germany...
3. If it does, it is a civil war. Hence, US should not participate - have we learned from Vietnam?

BTW. The first mission of the carrier is for this purpose to me. The fighter jets cannot make the round trips today and they do not have the refueling capacity for the invasion (or reuniting depending on your point of view).

The fat boy

The fat boy from N. Korea is a paper tiger. How come all the N.Koreans are so skinny except this fat boy and the fat lady news anchor?

If they think they are the only country who has Fat Boy, think again. If he used his weapon, there will be no N.Korea on the map the next day. We should implement how to shoot down multiple warheads.

US is playing China card against N.Korea.

China is neutral if US attacks N.Korea. For the same reason, China expects the US to be neutral when they invade (or reunite with depending on your view) Taiwan. The stock market did not react too adversely so far. The war with China is a very different story.

China has given N.Korea too much aid. I bet some missile technology and support may be from China.

Currently, China is the beneficiary in this incident.

Update 8/14/2017. The market only lost 1% last week, so the incident does not do much to the market so far.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Daily walk

Geopolitical crisis

Many times no action is the best action. It applies here.  I had my experience in selling too many stocks via stops in 911. The market returned in a few days and I did not buy them back.

An analysis from Ned David Research covers 51 events from 1900 to 2014. My interpretation for actions: Trade the affected sector (via sector ETF) in the first few days and reverse the trade 2 months after. Many times it means the oil price and gold price would rise.

I bought SH (a contra ETF to SPY) in August, 2017 as August and September are statistically the worst months in addition to the high risk in the current market.  It is expected to be sold in Nov. 1. The North Korea crisis did not do much to the market on the first day but the market (S&P 500) lost 1.45% and the risky NASDAQ lost 2.13% (see my blog on FAANG) on the second day.
Caveat. Need to understand the crisis. If it would lead to World War 3, most sectors will not recover for a long while. Again, there is no sure thing in investing otherwise there would be no poor folks. However, educated guesses should materialize more often than not.