Friday, February 17, 2017

Tramp or Trump

Trump wants to be a dictator but is being trapped in a democratic system.

When the clown was slapped on his cheeks (all four), he is still smiling. Trump is the most entertaining president.

Nuclear: Japan, US, China

Environment causes nuclear go down the drain as evidenced by Toshiba. Similar to coal. China has no choice not to use the bountiful of coal and many nuclear generators are being on-line.

It is quite a easy business decision by calculating the cost for a fixed amount of energy. Depending on the source in the internet, nuclear is about 4 times (2 times operational) more expensive than oil. It does not take a nuclear Ph.D. to find it out and a ten-year old child to make the decision.

Japan's nuclear problem is not to take the old generators out of service and not to handle the used rods.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The State of the United Sttes

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I'm politically neutral. Both parties should be blamed.

I do not think Americans prosecute Christians.

Few values

This morning I tried to find momentum stocks (those I sell within a month). None worthy. The market could be fully valued now. Trump Rally is still on.

On Boeing potential strike

The workers at Boeing have enjoyed the better wages in S. Carolina (that's the reason they moved there). Hence, why should they strike?

When the unions want to 'protect' the workers, the company will lose competitive edge and eventually the workers will be hurt. Have they learned from the auto industry?

Why wars in Middle East?

From the Bible, Israel will be surrounded by enemies attacking her. Why we risk the words of the Bible?

Israel can protect herself due to high tech such as jet fighters that are critical in desert.

Most of us do not or care to understand their conflicts. We have plenty of conflicts at home that require our attention. 

We can balance our budget by not sending soldiers to the wars in Middle East, not mentioning human suffering.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Reply to the last post

This is how a successful business is run though it is morally wrong to some. How can a pizza parlor compete with one that cheats?

The line is thin between "tax avoidance" and "tax invasion". When I had a business, I spent the whole week in preparing tax return with all the receipts. It is unproductive. Actually I can save the entire week by using estimates. For a small fish, IRS will not waste their $1 audit to get 10 cents from me.

Many companies make the employees part-time so they do not have to pay the benefits. These employees have to find two or more jobs and waste the commute time between jobs. Thanks to ObamaCare that just has opposite effect.

It is similar in welfare cheats. I believe the new immigrant (not refugees) is supposed to be supported by their sponsor for 5 years. In reality, many collect welfare before then. The immigration office and the welfare office do not share information. I believe even some illegals collect benefits. California contributes about 12% GDP but takes up 1/3 of all Federal welfare expenses.

We had a case that an illegal sued and won against a business not paying min. wages. It violates supply and demand. If there is a better job, he should have taken it. It makes the business out-of-business and the lawyer richer. Who's right?