Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Trump and oil

Trump has a habit to ignore all agreements signed by the previous president who does not belong to his party. What happens if he does?

I can see the problems of our political system. The flip flops and the associated costs waste too much money plus their endless disputes.

I hope it will be signed and make amendments and enforcement later.If not, we will see a further surge of crude oil (even I own some). In addition, we will become more isolated globally.

Repeating history

French failed in Vietnam before us.

Russians failed in Afghan before us.

Why we think we can succeed in these wars? When we do not learn from history, we will repeat history.


Guillotine is the greatest invention. It scares folks to hell.

I was in Austria 2 months or so ago. The spirit of Antoinette was still there every where. Europe was ruled by the family via marriages.

It is similar to Chinese controlling the 'barbarians' for peace. However, the typical Chinese emperor had many wives and many princesses.


The Starbucks in China and Hong Kong are quite different than the ones here. They offer more choices, more classy, more suitable to local tastes... They are run efficiently.

The coffee is the same every where, just double the dosage to make it addictive... What you're selling is image.

My social standing is higher than yours if you are drinking a local brand. For the same reason, Victoria's Secrets can never be successful in China unless they wear the underwear overwear (my silly term).

Unexpectedly our US culture (thanks to Hollywood and NBA) help them sell the brands. That's why China will have very few global brands in the next few years.

Permissive society

Unfortunately, they look at profit from the new, legalized drugs but not at cost. How many accidents caused by addicts, how many birth defects, how many dropouts due to drugs, how many crimes by the addicts....

What is the next illegal drug to be approved?  Sigh :{

We're the victims of our success and lack of control. We're in a permissive society. We need instant gratification and FUN.

I bet our high rate of birth defects is due to these drugs; my suspicion came from the high birth defects of the children of athlete. The government should have done more research on this subject that is better than finding the mating pattern of bees

On Brits

If the Brits were not too greedy, we could be speaking the Queen's English.

To me, all kings and queens are parasites except Princess Di for her beauty, charm and good deeds.

On education

Our education system is a mess. It is not the money. Education should start at home. With so many single parent families and teenage mothers, do we have a future?

Our kids are playing video games all day long (a Trojan horse from Japan).

Do not live in denial. For proof, visit any top-notch college on STEM and/or high-tech company, you can find more foreign faces (belonged to new immigrants and/or the first generation) than 30 years ago. Sigh :{