Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dear cousin,

It seems your email has been hacked. I cannot believe this old trick is still being used. A world full of suckers and stupid cheaters! Try sth new and be inventive. When you use 'Hi' instead of 'Hi Tony", your credibility plunges 100%.


Hope this email finds you well. I traveled to Manila, Philippines for an urgent function. However, the chip on my credit card was confirmed damaged as it was unable to transfer fund or pay any of my bills. Am wondering if you can spare me $2,290 USD? I will refund you the money in few days as soon as I return back. Please get back to me asap if you can.

With regards,
Right away I sent $5,000 (just in case you need more). So, you owe me $5,000. Please refund me when you return to the USA. Let me know why $2,290, not $2,300 and how the chip was damaged. Just curious. I bet you will not send me the $5,000 as you're smarter than the cheater and the cheatee.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

What's wrong with this country

In the 50s, we're the greatest nation by any measure.

In the 60s, we're getting worse starting with the wrong war.

In the 70s, we're a nation of drunks. Now, illegal drugs are being legalized.

Then we have a permissive culture, leading to a decadent age.We will be led by criminals for the first time.

What's wrong with this once-great nation?It could be we have too many coconuts in my Coconut Theory.Check out the link on A Nation of No Losers (& I have plenty of material today to update).

A computer (or a software) that would change the world

F-U, a computer program is under development. It will run in the next election. It is born in the US, never lies, never acts impolitely, never discriminates, is party neutral, always looks for the long-term benefits of the country ... not to mention it is FAR, FAR better looking than the candidates.

Wells Fargo's P/E at around 11

It could be past P/E and forward P/E should includes potential fines and customer exodus.
Good management is usually indicated by ROE while P/Es for value. My forward P/E includes debts and cash per share. Banks are hard to evaluate by metrics as it does not include the quality of loans.

2017, an interesting year

I would assign Bill running the intern program and redefining terms such as 'inhale' and 'sex' in our modern dictionary. Chelsea of course will run the Foundation and issue generous checks to Bill for his speeches on health and how to cheat successfully (a poster boy to many). The less assignment to Hillary, the better the country will be. Donald will lecture on how to pay NO taxes (I've been paying far too much and I'm stupidly honest). The only ones I enjoy most are Ivanka and Trump's daughter as I am very shallow by any measure.

We have forgotten many important issues such as balancing the budget, sending our children to schools without afraid of being shot at...

I've many 'likes' for the above in Seeking Alpha, an investing site and a site I waste my life on esp. when the market is too risky. LOL.

News repeats itself

* The bonds from the Middle East should be fine once the oil price returns to the previous level (I bet it will). These countries have a lot of coconuts in my Coconut Theory. I bet they cannot diversify into other sectors; beside coconuts they have nothing.
* If the two small mobile companies are not allowed to merge, there will be a slow death unless there is a miracle.
* Wells Fargo was thought to be 'well' managed, but not; my eye glasses were broken. It belongs to many companies whose management is blinded by greed and stupidity. It includes VV, Samsung...
* Predict the economy of Australia by the rise/fall of China as it is the money source for them.
* EU is always trying to squeeze money from US companies. Should it be a family affair?
* I like Nestle products esp. they're moving to healthy choices. It is more successful than marketing in the US.
* A high tech company always builds the next better mouse trap and its stocks fluctuates. Nintendo is another example.
* Tesla has to tell me how to fix the 'detours' in the driver-less cars. The stock belongs to the rocket stocks and I have a way to handle it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Insourcing jobs?

I watched the two candidates on bringing back jobs to America esp. on Apple. It is not feasible.

1. Where can we get the rare elements for the iPhones?
2. How to force thousands of workers to work long hours for a new phone? Robots will help but they will not create jobs here.
3. How to get the 40,000 technicians for the 'slave' wages? Look at our K-12 education system.
4. How to solve all our regulations to 'protect' our workers and give them decent wages that are many times their counter parts?

The list is written in the first sip of coffee and it could be endless. The proposed trade agreement tries to exclude China but it includes other low-wage countries such as Vietnam. When iPhone moves to Vietnam, we have to find rare earth elements and the largest mobile phone market will exclude iPhone. We use to find the biggest stone to hit on our own toes. Sigh.