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Contrary to what you're thinking, my primary reason of blogging is not because of the plenty of free time in my early retirement. English is not my native language and being an ITer I have not written much during my career. I have never taken courses in social science and investment besides the required in college. It has to be the fun of trying something different and I enjoy it so far.

I find a lot of newspaper and on-line articles particular on China look right but are totally wrong. I try to use common sense to argue against them.

As I'm not using my full name, I'm not blogging for promoting myself and I have nothing to sell you. You may feel offended sometimes as I blog honestly and I do not care about political correctness and popular opinions (I'm not running for a political job).

Click the highlighted to access the blog. Hence, this blog serves as a rough table of content of the better blogs I wrote for last several years.

My contributions.
* The reason of secular stock market. As indicated by many articles, we've secular market about 20 years interval. My contribution is the cause. It is most likely due to wars for secular bear markets (Vietnam and the two current wars) or lack of for secular bull markets. The next, new bull secular market could start in 2015.

* Coconut Theory on why some natives are lazy naturally. So far no one objects or they're too lazy to defend themselves.

* Global Aging Demographics. I blogged years ago that India's explosive population growth is no good for India and the world. However, even today the popular belief of a larger and younger population is better for India including an article by a professor in a prestigious college.

* How Hong Kong gets so wealthy? A Stanford professor in a syndicated article (it means it has been published in most newspapers that Sunday) told the world that the British rule could make a poor country prosperous using Hong Kong as an example. I argued it was totally wrong and the primary reason for Hong Kong's wealth is its closeness to China then and now.

* Debunking some of Buffett's preachings. I only blog if my views are different to popular beliefs/opinions as I do not want to waste the bandwidth and electronic ink not counting  wasting your time.  Actually most investing heroes are not doing good recently.

Defending China.
The politicians cannot fix our problems and use China as a convenient scapegoat. Many newspapers, TV stations... want to sell their stuffs by giving what you want to hear/see by twisting the facts.

As a Chinese American, I am naturally biased but I'll not let my dumb nationalism to cover my eyes or yours. There are Chinese bashers and US bashers who do not convince us as they're not using facts. They promote distrust, confrontation, ... that I try to avoid.

Tibet. This comment has over 350 'likes' in an Economist's article. I estimate there are  3,500 reads (using 1 'like'  to 10 readers) on this long comment. Initially I faced many resentment from folks esp. from Tibetans in other articles.

Human Right. This blog has ignited discussions and scored some points for China. This one and the last one change the image of China for some.

China is a victim instead of an aggressor for last 250 years. A MUST read for Brits and Japanese.

Economy: Currency,  Rare Earth, Quality. Space Station, Tariff,

Social topics:  Intelligence PropertyEnvironment, Africa, Hong Kong, Child Labor ,
                        India, Politics,

What China should do in next 5 years.

US and socially speaking.
A Nation of No Losers. Quite popular. You can laugh and cry at the same time.
Trade War with China.
Our trade with China
Conflict with China
Lessons from Wars.
US and Wars
Efficient charities.
How to solve the trade imbalance
Dear recent college graduates,
Socialism could lead to self-destruction.
Why the wealth gap widens
Is Social Security going to survive?

Should we blame all our ills on China.
Is China friend or foe?
Extremes of Two Nations

Fixing the economy.
Why China is so poor and US so rich.
Effective Health Care Delivery.
Education by example
God of Gods
Defining freedom
Political parties and the economy
Corruption, American style

Our problems, solutions and implementations
Efficient Charities

Stock Market.
Market Top. My crystal ball in April is quite right.
Market Timing II
Spotting big market plunges
Market timing on asset classes
Strategies for secular bull and bear markets

Recovery or W-shaped recession?
A prolonged recession

When stock is over-priced

Invest Responsibly.
The mysteries of P/E.
Sell shorts.
Covered calls.
Should you hold a stock forever.

Hedge Fund 101
2011, when stock pickers die

Advice for retirees.
Dividend stock problems.
Sectors you want to avoid.
Stop Loss.
Refining Dogs of Dow Strategy.
Looking for a multi bagger

Technical Analysis.
Modern Portfolio Theories.
Investment Psychology 101. 
Retirees, take notice.
The evils of QE
Housing recovery?
Identifying Earnings Season Overreaction Opportunities
Different strategies
Volatility and Momentum
Distorting indexes

Fun and Jokes.
Even if you do not agree everything I said, hope some jokes would give you a laugh. If you get offended, you should check in your closest clinic esp. the humor department. It is not easy to write jokes that are totally unoffensive.

A + B
My day as a farmer.  A real story to be told to my grand children.
Diets that always work. Offensive to fatsos.
No Nativity Scene. Offensive to politicians.
Politicians and prostitutes

How to save the airline industry. PG 17.
My stupid name is Boris.
Celebration of Olympic Bronze.
Lady missing a fight.
Playing lotteries.
Lady missing a flight

One paragraph could change your health and life
The best in life


The following are the best blogs from my other blog. It is a collection of good articles/jokes circulated to me.

The new student from India. Very funny!
Break the promise PG 17
The 11th husband PG 17.
 Living in 2009
 Funny Acronyms
 Dear Employees

Graduation pictures from China, USA,Japan PG17. Does not work all the time.
Gift for mom
Bishop goes to Hollywood
Sex for seniors
How Staten Island got its name
How 'America' got the name
Who actually is Jesus. 

The Yellow Flower Uprising.
Letter from a patriot
Chinese music links

6 Great Foods 
50 health hints (in Chinese)
Amazing picture
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Seeds falling on good soil and prosper

I was deeply moved by the family members of the church victims forgiving the shooter. At SeekingAlpha, I wrote a brief post: "Forgive" is the most powerful word in every language and in every culture. I forgot it until I received a response today from Jim.


Without even knowing it, you made the greatest comment I have seen on Seeking Alpha--and it had nothing to do with investing. You mentioned somewhere that "Forgive" is the most powerful word in every language. Wow. 

I shared that with my children. Financial commentary is easily forgotten, but that will stay with me forever. Thank you for that. 


Jim, forgive me to publicize your email as I hope to spread the word to others.

I cannot take any credit as it is just common sense except for those who do not go to church. The credit should be given to the forgiving family members and to the preaching of the church. With the power of forgiveness, we should not have the wars in the Middle East, past, present and future.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Recommended stocks

This post may be updated when I have new recommendation. The selected stocks are not recommended to trade without thorough research.

6/22/2015. No recommendation.

6/30/15. MU. Need to wait for 2 years. It has been free falling. The company is sound fundamentally Buy it and wait for one to two years.

This post is for the readers of my book Best Stocks 2016. Need to use the stock analysis and market timing described in the book (or your own research) in order to take advantage of it. Remember I'm not liable for any of my recommendations.

Do not gamble money that you cannot afford to lose. Past performance is a guideline and does not guarantee future performance.

All information is believed to be accurate, but there is not guaranteed. All the strategies described have no guarantee that they will make money and they may lose money. Do not trade without doing due diligence and be warned that most data of this book would be obsolete by the time you read it.

All my articles and the associated data are for informational purposes only. I'm not a professional investment counselor or a tax professional. Seek one before you make any investment decision.

The above mentioned also applies for all other advice such as on accounting, taxes, health and any topic mentioned in this book.  I am not a professional in any of these fields. Same for all the links contained in this book. I may own a few stocks in the recommended list. As a trader, I may sell these stocks, but I may buy them back later. My limited size will not change the stock prices.

Some articles may offend some one or some organization unintentionally. If I did, I’m sorry about that. I am politically and religiously neutral. I try my best effort to ensure the accuracy of my articles. Data also from different sources was believed to be accurate. However, there is no guarantee that they are accurate and suitable for the current market conditions and /or your individual situations.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Inflation pinch

I felt the pinch of inflation when the beggar asked me for a spare dollar.

Investing advice for a 70 year old

Why do you being a 70-year old want to be richer? By statistics, which never lie, you have about ten years (actually more for contingent statistics)  to live plus or minus five days :). Investing is very emotional and it can damage your health. Inheritance is good for the next generation, but it should not be your primary reason to make more money. In addition, it would take out their objective in life and fun in creating wealth. They should inherit enough to start something and nothing more.

I agree that we ought to constantly keep our minds active. However, you're competing with veteran professionals in the stock market. Do not turn your life savings into a very expensive hobby. One way to beat them is to invest when everyone is selling and vice versa. It is easier said than done as most of us let emotions make our investing decisions.

If you could live to your eighth decade, you've beaten the odds and the social security system which was designed that a population will not live that long. Just have a big smile and a fulfilling day. Do not let the market control your mood. Like my late mother said:  Every day you wake up alive and feel no pain, you've earned another day that is more important than all the gold in the world :).

Friday, June 19, 2015


On shooting. "Forgive" is the most powerful word in any language in any culture.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Say hello to Miss June

The following are selected from the better posts in my daily rants in Seeking Alpha, an investment site for the last 3 months. This is also the place I get investment ideas: some are good and some are 'pump and dump'.

If you enjoy Chinese music, this is my post with many hours of music.

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