Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Art of War

The spider depicts how we buy stocks: Time, Find and Score. For the spider, it is Wait, Aim and Bite in the cover of my book The Art of Investing.
Actually its availability from the free clip arts is the sole reason for my choice and the above is makeup. :)
The Art of War
The title of this book was inspired by the above book that was written about 2500 years ago. I was surprised that no one uses the title The Art of Investing.
With some minor interpretation (such as the titles of the officials, the capital names...), Chinese text can be understood even from that long ago. I believe they're craved on bamboo. It has 13 chapters. I believe there were more books from this author and got lost from the long history. This book could be the official recording from the emperor, a usual practice in Chinese history.

Japanese business men use this book and the Romance of Three Kingdoms a lot. The US army adopted this book as the required reading for their officers. I do not think it would be useful in today's warfare except the urban wars that we lose most of the time. Maybe the other side studied harder than us. I will try to see what and how this book is relevant to investing. Initially none except some for day traders.

The story
The emperor asked that author to demonstrate his technique of training an army. He asked the emperor's ladies to learn how to drill. After several laughs, two leaders of the drill were beheaded and then everyone was serious and then he had trained successfully the most beautiful army in world's history.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Art of Investing

Dear friends and colleagues,

You may have one of my books. Here is an article at Seeking Alpha that will be a review of what I’ve mentioned in my book. You will be a great help to write a review or click on the “Like” button of a current review.

Seeking Alpha article:

My new book The Art of Investing (Myths + its sequel).

Tony Pow

P.S. So far, I do not know any reviewers on my books. I did see a lot of other reviews that most likely were written by friends and family members. I wasted money on one book I bought based on 'great' reviews. Your fair reviews, good or bad, would help potential buyers. TP.

Friday, September 12, 2014

How to balance the deficit

We should have a 0% (ok I hear you and will settle for 10%) corporate tax and a 3% VAT and extra 2% for luxury goods.

- All the corporate golden geese will flock back.
- Our dividends will not be taxed twice.
- Corporations will plow back the money for investment and hence ignite employment.
- VAT discourages unnecessary consumption and spending. The 2% surcharge for the rich is fair and simple.

The above numbers are arbitrary. We need to set up a budget and require the government to enforce it.

You may say we do not have money to run the government. It is simpler than expected.

- A small and efficient government. 
If you're one of the lazy government employees surfing the net and waiting for the 4 pm stampede (after the two-hours lunch followed by your nice afternoon lap), you know exactly what I'm talking.
- Why the government employees can retire at almost full pension at the early age (comparing to corporate employees) just beyond my comprehension.
- Stop being the world police. We've more problems to solve at home.
- Cut down the generous welfare and ask the able to get off the couch. Watching TV all day long for the rest of your life is boring and not good for your health. Remember when we run out of money to give you, the host and the parasite will die together.
- Prosecute the welfare and disable cheaters.
- Prevent illegals to come in by prosecuting employers. If there are no jobs, they will not come. We do not need all those fences and patrols.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Genius and dummy are words over-used

My six-year old grandson called the library about the availability of the book Mine Craft. The lady told him that only Mine Craft for Dummies was available. He told her it was not for him as he was not a dummy.

My dumb thoughts after a few laughs over his honesty:

From the eyes of a dummy (that’s me), the dummy thinks he is not a dummy most likely is no dummy. However, if the dummy argues he is not a dummy solely due to his young age and naively dumb is a dummy (arguable).

I feel the word dummy has just been over-used by dummies like me. Right?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gone August

There are about 30 posts copied from Seeking Alpha. Most were posted in Wall Street Breakfast.

Took a brief vacation to TN.

The market is still risky, so I spent more time on my writing than investing. The major tasks are:

Marketing the Art of Investing. Sent out several review copies and I saw one review at 4-star rating. I do not expect 5-stars as there is no perfect rating in "arts". :)

Wrote another book Top-Down Investing in record time. This topic is widely discussed but there is only one book I found in and it is expensive. I wrote about 5 pages (may be 2 pages in words) and copied appropriate chapters from The Art of Investing.

I have a lot of borrowed books from the new program Kindle Unlimited. It paid $1.80 per borrow. The trend is we will have more books borrowed instead of bought. It is fine with me as book publishing is fun for me. How ironic is you cannot support your basic living by writing investing books to teach others to make money!

From this month on, the first post is the introduction post like this one instead of being the last one in the past.

Honorable mentioning. This post on "Product Innovation" received the most read in last month.


The USA's jets and missiles are predominant in desert, but the final stage of the war is won by foot soldiers. The ideas from the ancient book The Art of War (I stole it for the title of my book The Art of Investing) are still valid in guerrilla warfare.

Modifying Newton's Action and Reaction, every reaction has another reaction, and so on. It is similar to a Kung Fu movie on how a disciple revenges for his parents and/or master and the next sequel continues.


HSBC, Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corp, is the largest or second largest bank depending on how you stack them up. It used to prosper by the deposits from the rich Chinese (most were from Shanghai) to escape communists decades ago and the Chinese in SE Asia (unstable countries who are always angry with Chinese to control the local economies without thanking them to prosper their economies) for safe keeping. Before the takeover of HK, they moved the headquarter to London.