Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daily rant at Seeking Alpha

* There is a lot of news, but actually there is nothing that cannot be predicted. Do you call this macro economics - I have never taken a class in economics?

First the economies all over the world are connected. When the USA (now China) sneezes, everyone get the cold.

* The organic stuffs have higher chance of being contaminated. I do wash my vegetables even they're ready to serve as I do not know how clean are the workers. I have to depend whether they wash their hands in the rest rooms. There is a virtue of cooking vegetables even it would kill some nutrients. These similar restaurants are sitting on a time bomb. Buy when they're down and sell when they're up.

* I predicted a small gain by the end of the year even continued same during our August fierce correction. Why? There is no loss in a year before the election from my memory. I also predicted a side way market - buy at dips and sell at surges. Quite opposite to the trend chasers.

By the end of the year, I may write an article on how the two predictions will materialize. Too many examples jamming my brain that has old and limited memory but with the fastest CPU you can find.

* I'm going to buy a game console that would help me to exercise. Nintendo, your box has been 3 years old. It should be a museum piece. Can I play PS3 games on the PS4? If not, should I donate my old games to Salvation Army? I do not buy your stock until you get rid of your losing divisions. MSFT, your XBox almost did not make it to the world by your management who do not want to take any risk. Dreaming how to use the bonuses and options is more important than actual work.

* A friend of the enemy is not automatically a friend. Example: Russia, Turkey, USA...

* Do what a Brazilian do when you're in Brazil including money under the table.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My controversial view?

* This is a response to the responses to my previous post at Seeking Alpha.

First, being an immigrant myself, I do not object immigration to the US at all. However, we have to do it selectively. Which one do you admit to this country: One investing half a million in or one  collecting welfare on day one of arrival? Until recently we accepted the latter on the ground of refugees and/or disguised political refugees.

We do not really need Middle East if we conserve energy. We have been the biggest consumer of energy per capita wise. If we let one terrorist in among a thousand of peaceful refugees, it is one too much. Agree?

We have been seeing the body bags returned from the Middle East. These young people do not know much about Middle East and many have been sacrificed for the foreign countries. Some of these countries do NOT want to fight for their own freedom. Why should we? Suckers? They should go to college and enjoy the best time of their lives instead of fighting and dying.

How many terrorists are from the Middle East including our allies in Arabia? When we bomb them without mercy, we should expect the reaction as Newton said. They cannot fight against our advanced weapons, but they can in many other ways. Every time I wait in the long security line, I know we've already lost.

We cannot be the world's policeman even we're rich during the 50s and 60s and solve the world's problems. Our Congress must be controlled by Israel who drags us to this conflict - any 'under table money?'.

Folks have different views and we cannot enforce our views on others such the Vietnam. We're not threatened by the communist Vietnam or the communist China today, are we? Or, what do we feel if the Middle East folks want to change our political or welfare system?

Just I'm tired of involving in continuous wars since WW2. Fix the economy so everyone has a job. Being number one is in the mind of our leaders, not the average Joe.

Rants in Seeking Alpha's Wall Street Breakfast

There are a lot of news.

* Why we need revisions in GDP and other data from the government? If you cannot do it right now, wait for the right time. GDP should at least beat inflation (again who is measuring inflation?) and our debt/GDP is important. If I borrow a million to improve my income by $1,000, it is no good unless I try to fool you.

* China is doing it right in the broker requirements. They should have a similar SEC to set up and enforce regulations. Really need to enforce and crush scams using false (or termed shell) corporations to cheat.

Taking out margin and shorting are good to me to reduce speculation.

* Had Sharp 2 times and both times lost money. The TV technology today is LED, not LCD. My experience in buying a TV I just posted yesterday.

* Apple will not make money initially with e-payment. However, it is important before competitors get in. In Hong Kong, their Octopus card has been for at least 10 years and they're upgrading to the latest technology. You do not want to carry changes in your pocket after so many heavy stuffs such as your phone. Eventually the beggar will ask you for money via e-payment.

* BA has been doing good and it is one of my few buy-and-hold stocks. The order is just serving a place in the queue and there is no punishment for not buying.

* Terrorists... were described in my blog I posted yesterday. I added comments why I do not want to be the president as a joke.

The next post is my response to the comments of this post.

Monday, November 23, 2015

My new TV

Bought this 55" 4K Samsung TV during the tax holiday. Use it for over 3 months. Here is a brief evaluation. It is a great buy.

* Best Buy includes haul away. My old 57" TV is huge and heavy. It could cost me a fortune to get rid of it. The bargain is no cost to haul away, free delivery and no sales tax.

* My old TV came out not too long when they introduced HD. Comcast even gave me $200 credit to promote HD. The old tube technology makes it so heavy - it has wheels. I enjoyed about 2 years earlier than most waiting for a 40" TV for a similar price.

The old TV does do everything well as the new one.  It is hard to watch when I cut down some trees to let the sunshine in. Thanks to the LED technology. I do not notice a huge jump in the picture/sound quality.

* My new TV was advertised $100 less the following week I bought it and I got the credit. Similar to the $20 credit for my son's antenna.Thanks to the decelerating price. With this speed, I should get it free in 10 years!

* Curve TV and 3D TV are fads that will not last for long. Watch out for some latest models. They're like new model of cars that may have bugs to fix. Do not depend solely on reviews as most reviews are done within the first month of ownership. When it does not break in a year, most likely it will not break before its time to retire.

* I'm returning my cable box in my bed room as my son's cheaper 55" Vizio TV is connected to an indoor antenna (costing $99 from Best Buy) without any problem in getting most channels. He needs Vizio's sound bar ($99 on sales) that has Blue Tooth capability.

May have spent too much time in evaluating TVs but it is fun. We should have spent more time in evaluating stocks. Check out my book The Art of Investing. Its Kindle version is only $10 with 700 pages (about the size of 3 books). It should be a best seller (but not) considering how much money you will save in investing. It covers most topics in investing.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

How nice a person are you?

From my Facebook, "A person who is nice to you but not nice to the waiter is not a good person."

I modified it:

* A person who is nice to you but not to the waiter (even s/he gives good service) is a nice miser.

* If the restaurant is the one you frequently visit, you're a risk taker and a fool..

Friday, November 20, 2015

Easy fixes according to me

Our politicians are 100 times smarter than I, 100,000 times richer than I, handsomer than I (debatable for most esp. Trump)..., why they always made the wrong decisions? Simple answer. Their agenda is buying votes and mine is for the good of our country. Here are the easy fixes.

* Corporate HQ exodus. Lower their taxes first.

* Health care problem. Lower the medical expenses first.

* Building border walls like the Great Wall of China. Punish the employers who hire the illegals first.

* Social welfare. Do not punish folks for working and give more welfare to workers than those able welfare recipients. Same to  dissolve multi generation of teen age mothers.

* Fight terrorism. Understand why they want to be one (or patriot for them). Think like one on how to give us max. pains with the least resources.

* Improve the economy so everyone has a job. Our 'offense' budget is more than the next four countries combined. Unless for our own benefits, do not send soldiers overseas. Today's weapons are missiles and cyber security and how many soldiers we need? 

* If we learn the prediction from the Bible or the endless religious wars, we would not be involved in the Middle East conflict.

* Learn from history. Are we threatened by the communist Vietnam today? We should have learned it from the French.

Just write down this list at the first sip of coffee. That will be an endless list.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Daily rant 11/17/15

* Terrorist attacks have little impact on the financial markets. I learned it from the 911 when most of my stops were executed and then the market came back in 3 days without buying my stocks back. Now I use 'mental stop' (my stupid term). Investors should wear two hats: one for humanity and one for investing.

* Pandora is no more. There are many similar IPOs in the last few years that I feel very doubtful. My recommendation is to buy it on the day of IPO (if your broker can do so) and sell it at the end of the day (or the week). This is the typical IPO for many new companies. If you believe you're buying the next Apple at the IPO, there are at least 10 companies that do not make it in 5 years or less.

* I do not trust the government reports as I used to.

* Share buyback and dividend boost the stock price and hence the stock options owned by the management. They should plow back the money for long-term growth. If I need the dividend, I just buy less shares.

* Every country including the USA should balance the budget. We cannot and should not let our next generations to pay for our debts. Bite the bullet and do not trust the politicians who spend recklessly in order to buy votes.

* We used to be #1 in missile technology. We depended the entire space program on shuttle. We take away the dreams of students working in science and space. Instead of running to the top, we run to the bottom. Let no one left behind but the smart ones.

Actually China has better missiles at lower cost if there are no political or 'security' concerns. China in the 50s could not build a reliable bicycle. The father of China's missile went back after the communism witch hunt. I firmly believe Dr. Chin was a dedicated scientist, not a communist. History has spoken and our stupidity has repeated history.