Friday, September 8, 2017

A picture within a picture within a picture

It was a beautiful picture when I traveled in China a long time ago. I used it as a filler for my books such as "Can China Say No?". It only took seconds to take the picture as I was in a tour. If I can spend more time, I would like to have a larger view on the canvas with the girl's hand and without the tree in the front ground. Alternatively, I would include part of the beautiful face of the lady (if allowed) to show the three beauties. The expert photographer would use a tripod and take advantage of the angle and time of the day. I'm no expert.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


A =  x + y + z

A = success (success is abstract and relative - no pun intended)
x = Work
y = Play
z = Shut up

It should be
A = H* (x + y + z)  (If H is zero, A is zero no matter how great are x, y and z).

H = health
z = Money that can buy the following (for male)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Total eclipse

What happens to the solar panels on total eclipse? They can also use battery to store the electricity generated.

The best way to see the eclipse is in my private jet (besides TV of course). However, Power Ball did not cooperate and it is too early to dream.

If you pray with your face facing the sky with open arms like Indians, the eclipse will blind you without protection. Be careful.

Stupid question to a stupid question

Life is a joke or joke is life. Does it answer your question to a question?

Two hats

Solar stocks, J&J and M are all losers. I bought M at a 'bargain' price. it is the bad strategy of Buy Low, Sell Lower.

I try not to buy offense (defense to some) stocks. May be I should wear two hats: one for humanity and one for investor. Sigh.


My time machine (under repair) is far better than my crystal ball which has been lent out to a gypsy lady. When it is fixed, I'll know the exact numbers of Power Ball by traveling several days ahead.

For $2, it could be the best medicine to cheer you up from now to the time the balls will be announced. I need another medicine to recover from heart attack when I win.

Last week, I went to the lottery office to buy all combinations (with a loan from BOJ) but I was rudely refused. They do not treat their customers right. Right?


I and many evaluated Samsung when it had the problem. At that time I believe it was an opportunity to buy. I did not act due to the government corruption. You can buy Korean ETF and from my memory Samsung has about 25% in the ETF.

In Asia and so far, all democratic countries are/were corrupt with Japan and Singapore as exceptions of Japan. It could be due to better educated citizens and matured systems.

Philippines was corrupt during many presidents. The former democratic Vietnam was corrupt and we're fighting for the wrong guy. Taiwan too with the brother-in-law (T.V. Sung) of Chiang. Hong Kong was corrupt too until the British colonial master took action. The HK police asked for protection money openly and the money was shared all the way to the police head.

We have our own share of corruption but not that openly and to less extent.