Saturday, March 24, 2018


We can defeat Facebook, a survey company, by giving them false info. If they're not useful, they will not use them. Here is mine.
I am a female born in April 1, 1800, living in 1 Main Street, graduated from University of Lies and is working as the assistant to Trump being his sister-in-law. The only true info is I spend too much time in Wall Street Breakfast and have written a best seller in investing - more effective by mixing false info with true info.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Big boulder

Our top motor bike will lose the world market (it cannot even compete today) as the competitors (such as Honda) can buy steel and alum. cheaper else where.

How many times we pick the largest blunder and hit our own toe? The funny part is we always declare victory and smile while we should cry.

Against Canada, not China

US imports about 0.1% of steel from China.

Hence, it is not against China. Trump and Xi must be sleeping in the same bed in a hotel operated by Trump.

US vs China

Arguing who is on top.

High-speed train. China has about 60% of the global h-s rail and most widely used. Initially China had none. Hard to say who has the top technology today as there are so many metrics. However, China's new train is quite good and fast, the food is excellent for the price (I tried it)... The new one has the same toilet from the west, not a hole on the floor.

Drones. The commercial version was invented by a Chinese student attending a Hong Kong university and returned to China to set up shop in Shenzhen. His company captured the majority of the global commercial market.

Military Drone #1 goes to US in terms of capabilities. However, China could be #1 in sales due to low prices (about half of the US) and few restrictions to sell. Very popular in Middle East countries where Israel does not win a sale.

Artificial Intelligence.  #1 goes to US. However, China is a close #2. China started late. I can see they will leap frog each other in the coming decades.
Supercomputer. China #1 with the top two (US #4 or #5) and the number (US #2) in Top 500 list. They're racing for the next generation of supercomputers. 15 years ago China had zero in the Top 500 list.

5G network. China is one of the 3 countries while we do not even build 4G.

Space exploration. China is filling the gap very fast. To me, it is for prestige. At one time, China and Russia were the only countries that could send supplies to ISS. In a decade or so, China could be the only country that has a space station.

The annual expense is 6B for China and 40B for the US. It seems China gets the bigger bang for the money. 

Who is the top dog is a fool's game. The world will be better if we can share our technology. When you need a drug for survival, do you care whether it is from US or from China?

Chinese product quality

Some Chinese steel are of the top quality. They are finishing a cross-ocean bridge China-Macau-Hong Kong. Without top quality, it will not last long.

Boston selected China to buy cable cars from many foreign vendors - should we design one and build it ourselves?

Many still argue Chinese junk quality. Yes, there are some low quality stuffs for folks to make a quick buck. The quality control lies on the outsourcee. Do you find Apple's iPhones have quality problem?

What car you're driving

Japan & S.Korea are the best cars for the price. My friend has her car for over 10 years and driven over 150,000 miles in harsh Toronto climate. She saves the environment.

My friend just bought a EU car to boost his social standing. The problem with most of the mentioned cars is the cost of maintenance.

American cars. When they cheat me twice, shame on me.

Only a joke

Trump twitted me offering me the job of communication manager. I told him I could not speak English well. In addition, even if I could compete with the 29-year-old model in the look, my age betrayed me.

He told me that was perfect. Just nod and you will never be fired as long as you're loyal and do not beat your spouse. Now, I think I'm fully qualified as long as I do not comment in this blog.