Thursday, September 15, 2016

On today's news

* Every country lowers the interest rate and depreciates her currency. The news is when it is raised. The impact to the market is huge esp. from the US.

* World Bank, IMF...are controlled by the US. China's new international bank is for infrastructure projects financed mostly by China and Chinese construction companies. In 10 years or so, it could use Chinese currency instead of USD.

* Burma is a poor country. The new US policy will be beneficial to China exporting infrastructures, factories...

* All trade agreements are used to exclude some countries. However, when the members do need goods from other countries, the mutual benefits for the members are gone. Examples: Russia oil for EU, oil and sea food from Norway for EU.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


The following link from Charles Schwab offers a lot of insightful articles on this topic.

Driverless car

How to fix the problem of consistently changing roads, signs (like one-way sign), blind spots, temporary detours, strategies in finding parking space, getting GPS signals, extra insurance cost, mal engine or software or CPU function...

Some tunnels may have 5 minutes long without GPS signal.
Well, at least we do not have drunk drivers (or stoned) that cause most of the traffic accidents. When they're in court, most are let go free. Why? The entire jury are drunk or smoking weeds. We're in a lazy, permissive culture due to the success of our ancestors.
Another example of my Coconut Theory.

The car manufacturers will give you free life insurance (no kidding) and all the greedy lawyers are smiling.

Well Fargo, Well-managed?

Insider trading if the CEO shorted his own stock?

If you have a choice of not buying milk for your baby or lying, what do you do? If not following the order of your boss, you will be out.

Many questions than answers on today's news

* I bet Mon acquisition by Bayer will not be approved by the US government.
* "Existential threat" or "Exitential threat"? EU is a good idea but not thought out. It should be just a trade union and use USD as its secondary currency (great for tourists). No one took the free consulting service from TP Corp. :<
* MYL is manipulating the drug price but not GILD. A tale of two drug companies?
* $159 for ear plug? Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs and the entire market department must be on vacation.
* As posted yesterday, do not solely blame the first level of bankers as they have to follow the order of higher ups who set up unrealistic quota. Does it sound familiar with Lehman Brothers?
* Since 2013 and after so many launches, China (a country that could not build a reliable bicycle in the 50s) has only one recent crash. It has the most economical and reliable rockets. Depending on Space-X's IT security, China can have the technology to recycle space stuffs soon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Blame where the blame is due

Do not blame solely the first level of the bank employees. They have to meet the quota set up by the top management and the quota are up every year. That's what a real banker told me. Now these folks lost the job and are hard to find another one.

If you have to choose between buying milk for your baby and lose your job, what do you do?

On today's financial news

* Today's volatility must be great for traders. Not being a trader, I still benefited by unloading several stocks at higher prices and buying some at lower prices.
* We need more banking regulations to protect consumers (actually the banks themselves including the defunct Lehman Brothers).
* BA has been fine to me for trading. The order is a queue and it does not have a penalty to cancel the order that are more than a few years away. BA gives the best warranty in their products. The new composite material worries me.
* Too many news on China. Here is my updated article (published in SA a long while ago).