Saturday, June 27, 2015

Seeds falling on good soil and prosper

I was deeply moved by the family members of the church victims forgiving the shooter. At SeekingAlpha, I wrote a brief post: "Forgive" is the most powerful word in every language and in every culture. I forgot it until I received a response today from Jim.


Without even knowing it, you made the greatest comment I have seen on Seeking Alpha--and it had nothing to do with investing. You mentioned somewhere that "Forgive" is the most powerful word in every language. Wow. 

I shared that with my children. Financial commentary is easily forgotten, but that will stay with me forever. Thank you for that. 


Jim, forgive me to publicize your email as I hope to spread the word to others.

I cannot take any credit as it is just common sense except for those who do not go to church. The credit should be given to the forgiving family members and to the preaching of the church. With the power of forgiveness, we should not have the wars in the Middle East, past, present and future.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Recommended stocks

This post may be updated when I have new recommendation. The selected stocks are not recommended to trade without thorough research.

6/22/2015. No recommendation.

6/30/15. MU. Need to wait for 2 years. It has been free falling. The company is sound fundamentally Buy it and wait for one to two years.

This post is for the readers of my book Best Stocks 2016. Need to use the stock analysis and market timing described in the book (or your own research) in order to take advantage of it. Remember I'm not liable for any of my recommendations.

Do not gamble money that you cannot afford to lose. Past performance is a guideline and does not guarantee future performance.

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The above mentioned also applies for all other advice such as on accounting, taxes, health and any topic mentioned in this book.  I am not a professional in any of these fields. Same for all the links contained in this book. I may own a few stocks in the recommended list. As a trader, I may sell these stocks, but I may buy them back later. My limited size will not change the stock prices.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Inflation pinch

I felt the pinch of inflation when the beggar asked me for a spare dollar.

Investing advice for a 70 year old

Why do you being a 70-year old want to be richer? By statistics, which never lie, you have about ten years (actually more for contingent statistics)  to live plus or minus five days :). Investing is very emotional and it can damage your health. Inheritance is good for the next generation, but it should not be your primary reason to make more money. In addition, it would take out their objective in life and fun in creating wealth. They should inherit enough to start something and nothing more.

I agree that we ought to constantly keep our minds active. However, you're competing with veteran professionals in the stock market. Do not turn your life savings into a very expensive hobby. One way to beat them is to invest when everyone is selling and vice versa. It is easier said than done as most of us let emotions make our investing decisions.

If you could live to your eighth decade, you've beaten the odds and the social security system which was designed that a population will not live that long. Just have a big smile and a fulfilling day. Do not let the market control your mood. Like my late mother said:  Every day you wake up alive and feel no pain, you've earned another day that is more important than all the gold in the world :).

Friday, June 19, 2015


On shooting. "Forgive" is the most powerful word in any language in any culture.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Say hello to Miss June

The following are selected from the better posts in my daily rants in Seeking Alpha, an investment site for the last 3 months. This is also the place I get investment ideas: some are good and some are 'pump and dump'.

If you enjoy Chinese music, this is my post with many hours of music.

For my books on investing, click here.


Splitting a company into two.

1. Reduces liability (in case one is more risky). My old builder has two companies, one in building and one in owning the land. In case one fails, he still has the other one.

1. Almost double the administration cost (not important for big company like Computer Science) and moving offices.

2. Reduce the synergy such as transferring knowledge learned from one company to another.

Small investors will have to spend more time in keeping track of their tax basis. I had a hard time when TWA split into several companies