Monday, July 3, 2017

No QC?

As requested, I updated Word. The "copy and paste" from Word to my blog no longer works. It is a basic function. Can Microsoft spare an hour or so to test out the basic functions before its release?

Here is my fix. Use my old PC (lucky not to throw away it) and it works.

Excel crashes more often than before. If I know the problems, I will not upgrade. It waste a lot of my time and many users if they have the same problems as mine.

Is it a virus? I do not believe they do not have simple QC. I may have to load Office again.

Finally found the problem. Under Malwarebytes program, select to unprotect Office. After reboot, it works now.

Most likely Malwarebytes' problem. Why they have to 'protect' Word? No QC for Malwarebytes? They must receive a lot of phone calls for this simple problem.

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