Thursday, July 6, 2017

Why Sector Rotation sometimes not working

·         Not using stop orders. For simplicity, use 5% for most stocks and 8% for volatile sectors. I prefer stops less than the support line to reduce the chance of stopping out due to normal stock price fluctuation. Recommend trailing stops (based on current price) for winning stocks.

·         Not timing the market. Include SH or any contra ETFs but not as good as timing the market.
·         Not considering different phases of the market cycle. Some sectors are more favorable than others in different stages of the market cycle.

·         Not disciplined. If you stick with a proven strategy, it will work in the long term.

·         When a sector is in full value, it will be switch to another one with less value. Beware, the market is driven by institution investors.

 I have several books on sector rotation. Hope one of them would fulfill your need.
1. For those who are into Sector Rotation and Momentum. New book.
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 2. Sector Rotation.
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3. For couch potatoes. It is simple, rewarding and requiring only 30 to 60 minutes every month. New book.

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4. If you're  not too deeply into sector rotation. Complete The Art of Investing (Kindle version has over 870 pages) is the most cost effective. It misses several chapters on sector rotation that I wrote recently.
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5. Profit from market crash in 2017.
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