Monday, July 10, 2017

Blaming Gates wrongly

I updated my Office and suddenly 'cut and paste' does not work. From Google (thanks Google), I found out the fix. It is Malwarebytes that I also updated to 'premium'. I need to 'unprotect' Office. Malwarebytes, who is the actual malware?

FYI just in case you have same problem.

Joke on Gates (I heard but modified)

A chemist, a mechanical engineer, a preacher,  a lawyer and Gates went to a Florida prison. The car did not move. The chemist thought it was the gas. The engineer thought it must be the engine. The preacher asked the group to pray. The lawyer took the picture and prepared to sue the car maker.

Gates said, "Let's turn off the engine, get off the car and come back again to start the car.". It works every time.

Why they went to prison?  All are guilty (less for the chemist and the engineer).

Why Florida? Better sunshine and you're guilty in asking this obvious question.

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