Saturday, July 8, 2017

Be thankful

You study for the job the society needs, not for your interest. My artist son got my sponsorship. Will he be famous and rich? I can tell you after 100 years.

I was a living proof. I got my first job in programming a PDP-11 due to taking a class in PDP-11 assembly language. Many local-born graduates were pumping gas at that time - actually one from a famous college Xeroxed manuals for me. I do not know what happened to me if I stayed on a job as a waiter. However, after graduation and between my grad school, I worked as a waiter (not able to find a professional job). It was the best time of my life: no worry, good money (compared to college days), bar hopping...

My friend asked me "Why God create India?"
Why did God create this world? Given the choice, many Africans and Middle East folks do not want to come to their miserable worlds. Living in the US, we should be thankful.

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