Friday, June 24, 2016

On British exist from EU

It will not be good for Britain and the world markets for Britain to leave EU. It is bad for ALL citizens, rich and poor. To start, the rich will lose in the stock market. When the rich have less money, do you think they will pay more taxes and give more to charities? The poor are the majority judging from the votes. They think the money donated to EU will come to them. It will not be the case.

Britain will face higher unemployment and many corporate headquarters will move back to EU countries. Scots will leave Britain too. Democracy works if its citizens are educated and set aside their agendas for the good of the country for the long term: not in Britain today and not in the US. I bet many Brits will regret their votes to favor to exit very soon.

The major instant losers are the refugees. Most likely most Brits do not want to take them according to the allocation of EU rules.

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