Friday, June 10, 2016

Search stocks using Nasdaq

It is similar to GuruFocus’s screens in some aspects but quite simplified. Currently it is free. Bring up from your browser.  Select “Investing” and then “Guru Screeners”.

Learn how it works and its features from the following illustration. Select “P/E Growth Investors” and change “Some” to “Strong”. Click on “Go”.

As of 6/9/2016, I have about 14 screens with about 20 stocks in each screen. It is too many stocks to evaluate.  Sort “Guru(s) Strong” in descending order; each “strong” is usually based on a fundamental metric defined in this specific search.

I have 5 stocks with 3 “Strong”: THO, MPX, GGAL (ADR), BRDCY (ADR) and BMA (ADR). If you prefer U.S. companies only, you only have THO and MPX and both have desirable “Proj. P/E” under 20.

Alternatively to reduce the number of screened stocks, include stocks with “Some Strong”. Sort the “Proj. P/E” in ascending order.  If it is blank, most likely it is losing money or there is no estimate for this stock. Use or Yahoo!Finance to confirm.

PEG (P/E growth) is a growth metric and it is available for sorting. Need to evaluate each screened stock. For example, a low P/E stock may not be good if it has excessive debts, pending lawsuits…

Click on the stock THO. It explains how Peter and other gurus score this stock. If you use 70% as a passing grade, 7 gurus rate it passed and 3 gurus rate it failed.

Click on “Detailed Analysis”. Peter rates 4 “Pass” and 2 “Neutral” together with the description.

Try other gurus and select the guru(s) who fit your requirements. For example, if you are a value investor, find a guru or gurus using value metrics.

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