Friday, June 10, 2016

Ten Commandments of Investing

The Ten Commandments of Investing.

·         Set goals. * Personal finances in order. * Ask questions. * Do not follow the herd. * Due diligence. * Be humble. * Be patient. * Be moderate. * No unnecessary churning. * Be safe. * Do not follow blindly.

·         My additions: * Diversify. * Study market timing. * Protect your losses and profits. * Monitor your screens and your metrics. * Emotionally detached from investments. * Learn from mistakes. * Stay away from bubbles. * Be socially responsible.

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The above is an abstract from my book "Complete the Art of Investing" which is available from Amazon.

I challenged to have the best-performed article in Seeking Alpha history, an investing site, for recommending 5 or more stocks in one year after the publish date. The concepts for that article are discussed in this book. 

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