Monday, June 6, 2016

A sea of over-valued stocks

Cannot find too many good buys these days. The smart fisherman is still mending the net instead of venturing out to the stormy sea.

I bought AMAG one or two weeks ago (maybe I'm not a smart fisherman). I may have spotted the bottom. It is not perfect timing which should be two weeks earlier so I could have bought more.

Today I bought SWKS. It belongs to bargain stocks judging from the fundamentals. I could not find anything really wrong with this stock except it is within walking distance from my house. It could be the only company that I will attend their quarterly meetings (hopefully serving good desert). It was one of my best profits in last two years (I sold most). Well, the downfall could be its tie with Apple. When Apple is not expected to do good, so are their suppliers.

They sell their components to other phone manufacturers. Apple is also relatively sound fundamentally. When the institution investors are dumping Apple, it could be time to buy (as long as there is a good reason) and vice versa. We CAN beat the hedge fund managers. More than 80% of them cannot beat SPY after their hefty fees. Why folks invest with them is beyond me. Check out my book Complete The Art of Investing (from Amazon); the $10 could save you millions minus $10 for my book. Have I repeated this joke too many times?

GILD is a good candidate for bargains. I have added too many already, so I shy away this time. In addition, it has a lot of debts while SWKS has none.

As in life, investing is only educated guesses. Do your own home work and no one is responsible for your gains/losses but yourself.

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