Friday, November 20, 2015

Easy fixes according to me

Our politicians are 100 times smarter than I, 100,000 times richer than I, handsomer than I (debatable for most esp. Trump)..., why they always made the wrong decisions? Simple answer. Their agenda is buying votes and mine is for the good of our country. Here are the easy fixes.

* Corporate HQ exodus. Lower their taxes first.

* Health care problem. Lower the medical expenses first.

* Building border walls like the Great Wall of China. Punish the employers who hire the illegals first.

* Social welfare. Do not punish folks for working and give more welfare to workers than those able welfare recipients. Same to  dissolve multi generation of teen age mothers.

* Fight terrorism. Understand why they want to be one (or patriot for them). Think like one on how to give us max. pains with the least resources.

* Improve the economy so everyone has a job. Our 'offense' budget is more than the next four countries combined. Unless for our own benefits, do not send soldiers overseas. Today's weapons are missiles and cyber security and how many soldiers we need? 

* If we learn the prediction from the Bible or the endless religious wars, we would not be involved in the Middle East conflict.

* Learn from history. Are we threatened by the communist Vietnam today? We should have learned it from the French.

Just write down this list at the first sip of coffee. That will be an endless list.


  1. You may ask why I do not run for the presidency.

    Our politicians are 100 times smarter than I, 100,000 times richer than I, handsomer than I (debatable)...,

    They have to change the constitution as I was not born here.

    Why I want to waste my time in doing a job most hate?

  2. Plus you may not understand my English - actually could be my selling point. I do not like the candidate when I understand them and their motives.

  3. At the second sip of coffee, this post was censored in Seeking Alpha's Wall Street Breakfast. Are we living in Russia?