Friday, November 27, 2015

Cutting the cable

Bought two TVs in a month in addition to the one I bought during the tax holiday.

One is for my son 2 weeks ago. Today I bought one for the bedroom. Today's purchase actually saves us money by cutting the cost of the cable box for the old TV plus all the saved electricity. Good for me and good for the world (also good for Samsung and Best Buy). It saves us about $16 a month for two rentals plus the saving in electricity.

Target and Best Buy advertised the same TV. Target would save me extra 5% with the credit card. However, it was sold out. We went to Best Buy and it was $320, about $50 cheaper than the on-line discounted price. In addition they gave me a $20 gift card.  The Smart (Wi-Fi ready), 40" HD costs less than $300! I bought it on Friday afternoon, long after the block buster time. I do not know how they can make money. Of course, being frugal we drove to New Hampshire, 20 minutes away from my house to save sales tax. Sorry Mass.

I bought the best in-door antennas from Best Buy for $80 ($20 less than the list price). If you want to save money, try the $15 one and upgrade to more expensive one if it does not work. I do not have time to go this route. They're not for my family room where I still have cable. Relax Verizon.

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