Saturday, November 7, 2015

Daily rants

* Normally I do not advise to buy newsletters on investing. Drug company is different as it is too hard for retail investors to understand the potential prospect of a drug company: the pipeline, expiration of drugs, profitability of drugs... Reading SA hopefully helps on understanding drug companies; stick with the larger ones as the smaller ones can be manipulated easily.

* The merger of two drug retail chains should not be allowed. Having less than 3 major competitors paves the way to monopoly - and my wife will clip coupons for 2 instead of 3 drug retail chain (a past time for her).

* The government should fix how to raise cash not how to borrow more money. Every voter wants to get more freebies but does not want to bite the bullet - that's why US is declining! it is so simple, so obvious and we're so stupid and so short-sighted!!!!

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