Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rants in Seeking Alpha's Wall Street Breakfast

There are a lot of news.

* Why we need revisions in GDP and other data from the government? If you cannot do it right now, wait for the right time. GDP should at least beat inflation (again who is measuring inflation?) and our debt/GDP is important. If I borrow a million to improve my income by $1,000, it is no good unless I try to fool you.

* China is doing it right in the broker requirements. They should have a similar SEC to set up and enforce regulations. Really need to enforce and crush scams using false (or termed shell) corporations to cheat.

Taking out margin and shorting are good to me to reduce speculation.

* Had Sharp 2 times and both times lost money. The TV technology today is LED, not LCD. My experience in buying a TV I just posted yesterday.

* Apple will not make money initially with e-payment. However, it is important before competitors get in. In Hong Kong, their Octopus card has been for at least 10 years and they're upgrading to the latest technology. You do not want to carry changes in your pocket after so many heavy stuffs such as your phone. Eventually the beggar will ask you for money via e-payment.

* BA has been doing good and it is one of my few buy-and-hold stocks. The order is just serving a place in the queue and there is no punishment for not buying.

* Terrorists... were described in my blog I posted yesterday. I added comments why I do not want to be the president as a joke.

The next post is my response to the comments of this post.

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