Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Game the political game, the welfare game, the stock market game...

There are many illegals in the US going to be legal (if they are allowed by our politicians in order to buy votes) and so the 'uncounted' will be counted.

When they're legal, it means they're legal to collect welfare and legal to be lazy. What a country of opportunities!

At least today's illegals cannot collect welfare and they're still working. Some are convinced that the last election was won by the swing of the Hispanic votes.

My predictions:

* The Republicans will win. Why? Very seldom we have four terms with the same political party. My theory. People want changes. When you've bread for a long while, you like to try fried rice.

* While Republicans are pro-business, the stock market usually does not fare well when they rule. My theory. The market is not rational otherwise we do not have poor folks.

Statistics never lie.

The simple question is: Do you want to work for the minimum wage (and less in many cases) and lose all your freebies including the free health care (in many states)? People are lazy, not stupid.

Many illegals work less than the minimum wage (many tricks). Once a while, we have an illegal suing an employer for doing so. The Immigration office and the Labor office do not sleep in the same bed for sure.

On the first day of the new law, the line to the welfare office will be LONGER than the line to an Apple store on the new product day; many folks are in both lines.


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