Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daily rant at Seeking Alpha

* There is a lot of news, but actually there is nothing that cannot be predicted. Do you call this macro economics - I have never taken a class in economics?

First the economies all over the world are connected. When the USA (now China) sneezes, everyone get the cold.

* The organic stuffs have higher chance of being contaminated. I do wash my vegetables even they're ready to serve as I do not know how clean are the workers. I have to depend whether they wash their hands in the rest rooms. There is a virtue of cooking vegetables even it would kill some nutrients. These similar restaurants are sitting on a time bomb. Buy when they're down and sell when they're up.

* I predicted a small gain by the end of the year even continued same during our August fierce correction. Why? There is no loss in a year before the election from my memory. I also predicted a side way market - buy at dips and sell at surges. Quite opposite to the trend chasers.

By the end of the year, I may write an article on how the two predictions will materialize. Too many examples jamming my brain that has old and limited memory but with the fastest CPU you can find.

* I'm going to buy a game console that would help me to exercise. Nintendo, your box has been 3 years old. It should be a museum piece. Can I play PS3 games on the PS4? If not, should I donate my old games to Salvation Army? I do not buy your stock until you get rid of your losing divisions. MSFT, your XBox almost did not make it to the world by your management who do not want to take any risk. Dreaming how to use the bonuses and options is more important than actual work.

* A friend of the enemy is not automatically a friend. Example: Russia, Turkey, USA...

* Do what a Brazilian do when you're in Brazil including money under the table.

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