Monday, November 23, 2015

My new TV

Bought this 55" 4K Samsung TV during the tax holiday. Use it for over 3 months. Here is a brief evaluation. It is a great buy.

* Best Buy includes haul away. My old 57" TV is huge and heavy. It could cost me a fortune to get rid of it. The bargain is no cost to haul away, free delivery and no sales tax.

* My old TV came out not too long when they introduced HD. Comcast even gave me $200 credit to promote HD. The old tube technology makes it so heavy - it has wheels. I enjoyed about 2 years earlier than most waiting for a 40" TV for a similar price.

The old TV does do everything well as the new one.  It is hard to watch when I cut down some trees to let the sunshine in. Thanks to the LED technology. I do not notice a huge jump in the picture/sound quality.

* My new TV was advertised $100 less the following week I bought it and I got the credit. Similar to the $20 credit for my son's antenna.Thanks to the decelerating price. With this speed, I should get it free in 10 years!

* Curve TV and 3D TV are fads that will not last for long. Watch out for some latest models. They're like new model of cars that may have bugs to fix. Do not depend solely on reviews as most reviews are done within the first month of ownership. When it does not break in a year, most likely it will not break before its time to retire.

* I'm returning my cable box in my bed room as my son's cheaper 55" Vizio TV is connected to an indoor antenna (costing $99 from Best Buy) without any problem in getting most channels. He needs Vizio's sound bar ($99 on sales) that has Blue Tooth capability.

May have spent too much time in evaluating TVs but it is fun. We should have spent more time in evaluating stocks. Check out my book The Art of Investing. Its Kindle version is only $10 with 700 pages (about the size of 3 books). It should be a best seller (but not) considering how much money you will save in investing. It covers most topics in investing.

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