Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My controversial view?

* This is a response to the responses to my previous post at Seeking Alpha.

First, being an immigrant myself, I do not object immigration to the US at all. However, we have to do it selectively. Which one do you admit to this country: One investing half a million in or one  collecting welfare on day one of arrival? Until recently we accepted the latter on the ground of refugees and/or disguised political refugees.

We do not really need Middle East if we conserve energy. We have been the biggest consumer of energy per capita wise. If we let one terrorist in among a thousand of peaceful refugees, it is one too much. Agree?

We have been seeing the body bags returned from the Middle East. These young people do not know much about Middle East and many have been sacrificed for the foreign countries. Some of these countries do NOT want to fight for their own freedom. Why should we? Suckers? They should go to college and enjoy the best time of their lives instead of fighting and dying.

How many terrorists are from the Middle East including our allies in Arabia? When we bomb them without mercy, we should expect the reaction as Newton said. They cannot fight against our advanced weapons, but they can in many other ways. Every time I wait in the long security line, I know we've already lost.

We cannot be the world's policeman even we're rich during the 50s and 60s and solve the world's problems. Our Congress must be controlled by Israel who drags us to this conflict - any 'under table money?'.

Folks have different views and we cannot enforce our views on others such the Vietnam. We're not threatened by the communist Vietnam or the communist China today, are we? Or, what do we feel if the Middle East folks want to change our political or welfare system?

Just I'm tired of involving in continuous wars since WW2. Fix the economy so everyone has a job. Being number one is in the mind of our leaders, not the average Joe.

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