Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mr. Xi and Mr. Ma meet

They cannot refer each other as presidents politically. Funny!
Are they talking conflicting objectives or just say "No change for now.". The push by Ma is trying to impact his party positively before the election.

Taiwan is too small (vs. China) and they depend a lot on China economically today. Eventually Uncle Deng's "One Country, two systems" will prevail - may not be in our life time. The recent protest in Hong Kong set up a bad example for Taiwan to follow.

There is a double date (or a single date depending on whether they want to include their spouses) after the formal date. They do not share the same bed so the 'date' is arguable or we have to change the definition of 'date'. Who will pay the tab? I will if it is below my high limit that is $25 per person with no drinks. My $100 would go down in history and it could be the best $100 I spent.

Mao and Chang would come back and said "What the hell!" - if they are not already in hell.

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