Saturday, November 7, 2015

The blind following the blind

Authors of investing books never make a buck in the market. So are 'professors' teaching investing. They still have to drive an old Toyota if there is no incomes from their teaching and 'consulting' jobs. Their students should ask for refund. 

Best sellers who recommended to get out of the market in 2009 are still best sellers (covering up their previous prediction with new editions). They even form a company to sell their ideas of not making money!!! Funny that all the 'excellent' reviews from famous celebrities. They believe they can cover the our eyes and their results will never be shown only by their faithful readers, the victims.

An author recommending buying in August dip in a Seeking Alpha has not done it himself. He asked me for proof on my dealings and I showed him. He did not show me his proofs after repeated requests. What a hypocrite.

We live in a funny world that I do not understand.

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