Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Daily rant 11/17/15

* Terrorist attacks have little impact on the financial markets. I learned it from the 911 when most of my stops were executed and then the market came back in 3 days without buying my stocks back. Now I use 'mental stop' (my stupid term). Investors should wear two hats: one for humanity and one for investing.

* Pandora is no more. There are many similar IPOs in the last few years that I feel very doubtful. My recommendation is to buy it on the day of IPO (if your broker can do so) and sell it at the end of the day (or the week). This is the typical IPO for many new companies. If you believe you're buying the next Apple at the IPO, there are at least 10 companies that do not make it in 5 years or less.

* I do not trust the government reports as I used to.

* Share buyback and dividend boost the stock price and hence the stock options owned by the management. They should plow back the money for long-term growth. If I need the dividend, I just buy less shares.

* Every country including the USA should balance the budget. We cannot and should not let our next generations to pay for our debts. Bite the bullet and do not trust the politicians who spend recklessly in order to buy votes.

* We used to be #1 in missile technology. We depended the entire space program on shuttle. We take away the dreams of students working in science and space. Instead of running to the top, we run to the bottom. Let no one left behind but the smart ones.

Actually China has better missiles at lower cost if there are no political or 'security' concerns. China in the 50s could not build a reliable bicycle. The father of China's missile went back after the communism witch hunt. I firmly believe Dr. Chin was a dedicated scientist, not a communist. History has spoken and our stupidity has repeated history.

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