Friday, April 7, 2017

Chinese vs English

My English most likely is better than your Chinese.

English is both an international language and a business English, so is USD at least for our life time and the next.

Most European languages and the English are based on Latin, so it is quite easy to pick up them if you know one already. My guess.

At one time, Korea and Japan adopted Chinese as evidenced by the characters on their old temples. If they continue, it would be the language in the region. Now, Korean is completely different and Japan has many characters I can recognize. The spoken language is completely different from day one.
All these languages have been simplified or modernized for easy to input. Chinese simplified is a pain for me and I can select less books to read (that's why I wrote my own books :)).

English is easy language. My grandchild at 5 can read signs like Exit and at 6 can read books slowly. She complained to me trying to give her a hard time by writing too many words on her birthday card.

Chinese kids take a long time before s/he can read newspaper which require about 2,000 symbols.
English is efficient and Chinese is beautiful or we can say English is ugly and Chinese is inefficient.

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