Thursday, April 13, 2017

Do not relax

I do not think Asians are superior unless my dumb nationalism covers my eyes and it does sometimes. However, they work harder and are more obedient and respectful to the elders - could be Confusianism, which is set up to be obedient to the emperor to me.

After Industrial Revolution in the West, Korea, Japan and later China reformed and accepted western ideas and technologies. China was late so they learned the bitter consequences when the balance of military power changed.

We're the victims of our success. Our regulations protecting our workers, better living standard, generous welfare... make us less competitive. We depend a lot on H-1Bs to compensate our lack of common geeks who has a bad interpretation by Hollywood. But we have exceptional geeks like Gates and Zuckerberg to create jobs that the Asians are behind due to the culture of not thinking out of the box. However, it should change in the next decade.

To summarize, every culture has its shortcomings and strengths and they're changing faster than we say Change

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