Friday, April 28, 2017

A rich couch potato

My good friend is a successful investor as a couch potato.

He is not very rich but has many, many times more than the average retiree who has about 100K. He concentrated his effort on his job and raising the children.

I do not know why professionals do not save over 100K. The house in Mass. is worth over 500K average. Folks must live in apartments and/or re-finance the mortgage so they have more funds to enjoy.

The  rise of Honeywell stock news today reminds me of him. The company gave him Honeywell stocks and he has over $20,000 in dividend every tear. He cannot sell them as it would cost him a lot in taxes. He would give them to his children (who do not need his money and are successful in their own careers) with the cost basis stepped up when he passes away some day.

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