Friday, April 28, 2017

Important dates for China

2020. China will supposedly pass USA in GDP. It may not but reduce the gap due to changing from an export economy to a service/consumer economy. Even so, China would be 1/4 GDP per capita and hence 1/4 of our living standard (realistically higher).

2049, 100 years after forming People's Republic of China. China supposedly lead the world in many fields except culture (due to English) and military (tie with Russia and far distant from us).

"2025, Made In China " will be supposedly mean quality and innovation. Not easy to change a poor image. Do you remember the low quality of Japanese and Korean cars? It is stages of moving to a developed country: low cost labor, copy, higher tech, quality, innovation... All these countries have to pass thru even briefly for the US (for many reasons). The difference is the scale with 1.35 B citizens.

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