Thursday, April 13, 2017

Investing & consuming

Even in 2049 (100 years after the People's Republic Of China was formed), China's military will be far inferior than US. However, China can depend her territory in 5 years and becomes the region's military power.

From many interpretations of Xi's speeches, China does not want to be the Bai, translated as #1 bully or #1 global policeman as US is doing today.

China is spending her effort, money... in improving her economy. In addition, China wants to make her neighbors rich so China can trade the products (China's excesses and export products in exchange for ores, energy...). It is a welcomed investment that will pay off more for her neighbors.

We're enforcing the laws according to our standards - I do not say it is good or bad. I like our action on Syria so we will not have another such incident. However, we are consuming instead of investing. One's opinion.

How China rises

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