Saturday, April 8, 2017

Talking to my friend Al

Xi agreed with Trump on the missile attack inside, but not openly as Xi may have to play Russia card just in case. He wondered why Trump went to the rest room that long during dinner. BTW, the rest room was set up as a conference room to discuss about the missile launch. Americans work better with a full belly and alcohol level four times the legal limit - "Just Do It". That explained why half of the US side of the table evaporated and all the liquor was sent to the rest room.

Hope some one will write an article to compare Xi and Trump. I'm naturally biased on that, so count me out. Xi must be texting during his host's absence.

Xi's wife is very charming. She used to be a famous singer and folks asked who was the big creature behind our beloved singer - they must have seen the movie Beauty and the Beast. Every smart woman lets his spouse shine more than herself. I hope she will be more active like our beloved Michelle - most Chinese first ladies before her are stone faced like their husbands. Trump's ladies are eye candies and some swing votes from guys could have decided the outcome of the election. Xi's wife is music to our ears.

I have to agree with Al 100% that I'm a super nice guy. I do not care what they said about you Al, you're OK in my book - just a joke I use to break the ice.

China has a long history compared to the US. It is too much for a high school student. My trick is: The dynasty failed due to corruption, spending too much (US takes note)... and was finally replaced. Never failed in my tests. :)

I also wondered they took out Opium Wars in my history book in Hong Kong.

Many of He's ships were far, far larger than Columbus's. No one believed it until they found the gigantic rudder from the ruin. Past glory is nothing if we do not improve and let others pass us by as China during the west's Industrial Revolution.

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