Thursday, April 13, 2017

Today;s news

Yes, we're still leading the world in policing (on Syria too), technology, culture (music and movie), living standard... As long as we do not relax, others will not pass us by. China led the world most of the time (co-leader with Roman and other countries from time to time) until 350 years ago. When they're arrogant and ignorant, they suffered (almost bankrupted) 350 years ago.'

On high education, discrimination, reverse discrimination... We do need to allocate some seats in higher education to some even they're not qualified in our yardstick. Many start unfairly from poor family education or a single-parent family. Orientals are serious in education. Those colleges for ladies and black give these groups a chance to speak out and/or compete with groups in their same class. I was in bus to U. Mass., Amherst many times and met some from Smith or Hoyoke (typo). From my experience, I did not want my daughter to attend a female college.

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