Friday, April 28, 2017

Chatting with a friend

A electric car will be introduced to China under Buick instead of Chevrolet. Buick is better known as a prestigious brand in China. Yes, it is similar to Lincoln and Cadillac, which has lost its luster for a while. Brand name is very important to China and a social status booster. That's why Victoria Secrets can never be successful in China unless for specific professions and they change them to over-wears. :)
Yes, I'm naturally biased as I was born in Hong Kong. You need to compare China to China 30 years ago. Alternatively you can compare China to India. Even the Tier I cities in India cannot compete with Tier III cities in China in term of high rises, subways, education, living standard... Pollution, product quality, regulations... will come next to fix.

Every country and also every city have their challenges.

By my priority: Food, shelter, quality of life, freedom...

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