Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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My investing books can be grouped as follows.

·         The Art of Investing. Most of my books including its sequel Themes in Investing are based on. The Kindle version has over 700 pages. It covers most topics in investing. Highly Recommended.

The alternate combination is Debunk the Myths in Investing and its sequel Investing Strategies: Profitable & Updated.

·         The following books are in a series: Finding Profitable Stocks, Market Timing and Scoring Stocks (or Modern Security Analysis: Simple & Effective).

·         Books for today’s market: Profit from 2016 Market Crash  and Best Stocks for 2016 (my current research for $10).

·         Books on strategies: SuperStocks, Sector Rotation, Momentum, Dividend, Penny & Micro Stock, Swing and Retiree.

·         Books for advance beginners: billionaire (perfect gift for recent college graduates), Investing for Beginners, Profit via ETFs, Buffett, Conservative, investing sites and Top-Down Investing.

·         Miscellaneous. Lessons in Investing. Global Economies. A Nation of No Losers. Several books on travel.

·         Concise Editions and Introduction Editions are available at very low prices and are competitive to books on similar sizes and prices. 

For paperback readers
Under Amazon.com, search my books with “Tony Pow”.
For Nook readers
Under Nook books, search my books with “Tony Pow”.

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