Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Posts that sell books

Here are some posts that have helped me selling books. If they've been so convincing, they must be good and useful to you (even if you do not have intention to buy my books).

Trading Apple - Sell it at $132.

Buffett - Be warned 2 years ago!

Investing and Politics - most comprehensive to some.

Market Timing - proven for the last two market plunges.

Buy oil in Jan., 2015

The following articles were published in Seeking Alpha: Amazing Returns and A Tale of Two Portfolios (on the even more amazing return of the 15 or so stocks from the publish date to one year later).

I will not write another amazing return article as I cannot top it (I bet few if not none can top it). Most of the gurus recently have not even beaten the market. However, most of the concepts on why I picked these amazing stocks are included in my book Complete The Art of Investing.

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