Tuesday, July 5, 2016

On Nice attack

I've to re-post (and enhance) this one every time we have another attack. Nice is one of the most beautiful places we've visited.

Newton's Law: For every action (bombing the Middle East), there is a reaction (terrorist attacks). Now, the reverse is true. It seems I'm watching a Kung Fu movie with the endless revenges. Newton covered more than physics.We have been misinterpreting the teachings in the holy books. Are all religions supposed to teach us not to kill? Fighting has been for centuries between Christians and Muslims. One should not be affected if s/he is neither a Christian nor a Muslim but not in the cruel reality.

We've been dragged to their conflicts by Israel who controls our Congress by giving them money. Does the Bible predict Israel will be surrounded by enemies? If so, we should isolate their conflicts by not participating.

When the US sent soldiers to the Middle East, I was among the 30% minority to oppose it. The young  are sent to the front line. Most National Guards treat them as good exercises and chances of playing some 'toys'. They should enjoy the best time of their lives in college instead of being sent back in body bags. Most do not understand the conflicts and the geography.

If we sent the children of our leaders to the front line to fight, there will not be any one sent to the front line for this war. Being number one is for the quest for power by our leaders, not for the common citizens.

Although the stock market is good now, the economy is not especially for the long term. It will take more than one generation to pay back the non-productive expenses for the wars. That's why many college graduates are still working for jobs that they do not have to go to college for.

If they do not want to fight for their freedom, why should we do it for them? Are we suckers?

Our leaders, the Christians, the Muslims, most citizens from Middle East, the 1%ers… most likely do not agree with my observations. However, we do not have to agree with each other in order to be peaceful. "Forgiveness" is the most powerful word in any language. Give peace a chance, please!  

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