Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Republican Convention

This post has been written 4 years or more ago. Surprisingly nothing has changed.


Why do we need to know Mitt (or any candidate from any political party) is officially nominated or he will accept the nomination?  Who has turned it down in our history? If this is the main purpose of the convention, it is a TOTAL waste of money and time that can be used to deal with our real problems such as how to cut down spending. Isn’t it ironic or demonstrating how the big government wastes our money or how big business buys influence?

If you really do not know whom will be nominated (I'm shamelessly insulting your intelligence and assuming you have been living in a cave for the last year), just watch the news on TV and save millions.

The convention must be sponsored by airlines, hotels, restaurants and Florida or big businesses / special groups wanting influences. The hidden sponsors are the prostitutes and the drug companies who provide Viagra and condones. They are the winners of this convention, not the handsome Mitt and his lovely wife. All the conventioneers using other folks’ money to wine and dine are the free loaders and parasites. Sorry to offend all the politicians and their running dogs.

I like to attend any convention if someone is stupid or rich enough to pay for this unearned but lavish vacation – I’ll vote whatever you want me to. Sign me up for any convention, Republican or Democratic, now or future. I hope it will be in Hawaii or somewhere without any hurricane and with great and expensive food. You will pay for it eventually one way or another.

I must have some mental problems if I talk to an empty chair with a ghost rocking on it. When you guys laugh at the chair, you might have a more serious mental problem than I. Even with no one sitting on it, the chair still rocks. It symbolizes the do-nothing government could be the best government as it rocks! My point is we need a small, frugal and effective government. The best government is invisible but it provides all the basic services at the least cost!

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