Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Objectives in life

From my book: How to be a billionaire:

We come to this earth with nothing and leave with nothing. Why do we fight for wealth, prestige and power? However, if we do not have the objective for wealth, prestige and power, it is a life without meaning. In addition, money should not be our primary objective in life and happiness/health have to be earned and cannot be bought with money. When you’ve accumulated enough wealth to have a comfortable financial life such as myself, you may want to pursue other objectives in life besides wealth.

I have seen many successful men and women who are not wealthy using financial yardsticks but they are wealthy in having good friends, good families, good health and/or fulfilling their own objectives in life such as helping the poor.
Most likely when you’ve accumulated enough wealth for a financially secured life, there are many objectives in life more important than wealth such as happiness and health. I am the living proof. Still not convinced? Check out the wealthy singers, movie stars and athletes. Are most of them really happy with all the broken marriages, drug and alcohol abuse…? I rest my case.

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