Friday, December 18, 2015

On today's financial news (Seeking Alpha's Wall Street Breakfast)

Some news are carried from yesterday.

* Related to my Coconut Theory. It is a bottomless pit. Need to teach Puerto Rico a lesson. At most give them bread to survive, not cake. Otherwise, they will ask for bailout again and again. You cannot cure the addicts by not cutting out their hands.

Don't cry for me Argentina but tangle with me. It has too many 'coconuts'. When folks enjoy life that much, they will not work seriously. Official exchange rate and the street rate are different. Most likely you can double your exchange of your USD in the street.

* As I stated, you can improve the citizens' living standard by providing clean air/eater, enforcing food quality... They are more important than the GNP. However, you get a medal for improving GNP.

* Amazon needs the space ship from Star War. I can give them one in 2xxx. A model has been done and I'm waiting for investment. Let me know if you're interested. Guarantee huge return or total loss. At least a good dream from today to 2xxx.

* Phone payment system is very important now for Apple. Once you get in, you never get out. There are many potential competitors.

* Oil could be bottom now I hope.

* Whitney is a great shorter (he made some blunders too). I recommend CALM in my article against shorters. See who is the winner down the road. I'm patient. This article is not widely read due to not too many folks holding CALM. It is worth the price ($0) on how I find and evaluate stocks. You can ask me a refund ($0) if you do not like the article.

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