Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My bus ride from Boston

With expensive parking fees, it is quite cost effective to commute to the city on Saturdays. On our way back at about 4 pm, the bus was full of Spanish-speaking workers. I bet most if not all are illegals working in the suburb such as our Mall, the hospital and many restaurants. Why illegals? I bet most legals would get welfare instead of working in that shift. If you work, they will take out the freebies such as health care in Mass. They are lazy but not stupid. The illegals do not have this option.

What will happen if the politicians turn the illegals to be legal? There will be nobody doing these jobs. No one in the right mind wants these jobs as it is far better to collect welfare. Why politicians would make this stupidest decision? They want to buy Hispanic votes.

In addition, more politicians side with the welfare recipients. Since 40% of the population do not pay Federal taxes, they have to satisfy their needs in order to buy votes. Representation without taxation is worse than taxation without representation.

That's why our taxes are so high and the good jobs are outsourced as we're no longer competitive. That's why we have a high exodus of the top 1% as they do not care about the entitlements but their taxes. Also, that's why we have the highest exodus of corporate headquarters recently so they can lower or in many cases do not pay their taxes.

When one is allowed in, they can bring their entire family in. The US will become a welfare state. On their first day in the US, they will ask for the direction to the welfare office. If you have an elderly, you can collect a nice salary for taking care of him/her. What a country! Great for the immigrants, bad for most workers and incentive for the rich to give up citizenship.

The middle class who cannot go away is squeezed from both ends.


  1. What is the ratio of social service abusers (lazy - takers) to those truly in need? What percentage of abusers are illegals?
    What is your solution?