Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Many applied as political refugees but 99.9% were economical refugees. As long as they're not communists, with no serious diseases and have not committed crimes, they should be let in. That's fine as long they will pick up jobs that the able welfare recipients do not want to do. 

A while ago, the sponsors were responsible for the immigrants living expenses for 3 years. Today they can go to the welfare office on day one. Do you let one in with half a million to invest or one to collect welfare on day one?

After seeing the terrible conditions in Syria, the world should help them. We need to have a complete check to limit terrorists from coming in. Despite all the good deeds from religions, it is always the source of wars. We misinterpret and/or mismanage all the good teachings.

BTW. What's wrong with importing the prostitutes as someone argues? They do not collect welfare on day one. They belong to the oldest profession and satisfy a human desire as long they are controlled and do not spread diseases. Just an observation :)

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