Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gun control?

Gun control is not an issue in political debates for a long while. When can we send our children to school or watch a movie without the chance of being shot at? At least, enforce more checking and exclude all the semi automatic weapons. When we have one terrorist among a thousand of peaceful refugees, it is one too much.

I have so many negative comments from the gun lovers. Sorry open the can and let all the worms come out. Most do not make sense and the best argument is "Guns limit our population growth".  My counter-arguments are:

I understand all the arguments from gun lovers. The reality (wake-up call for many) is comparing other developed countries with their gun control and the gun shooting incidents - even with France. Besides terrorists, we have the mentally challenged and they have automatic weapons. Statistics never lie. I rest my case

Carrying guns was a necessity in the wild, wild west days. Not today. The Constitution has to be updated. Tell me which developed country beside us allows its citizens to bear arm without exhausive checking and strict regulations. None!

This will be the FIRST, real debate in this election as WE are all tired of the constant shooting. The 'contributions' from NRA and the gun manufacturers will be no meaning if the majority want to take out guns from easy circulation. The politicians have been counting their filthy contributions with hands dripping in blood for TOO long.

If everyone carries a gun, we will have double our shooting just by road rage alone. We should not enforce the law but let the police do their jobs.

Why all the mass shootings use automatic weapons - the ban cannot be effective? 

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