Thursday, December 31, 2015


* No one can predict the future market with a crystal ball. However, you can borrow my time machine which is being fixed. Relax, just a joke.

* As posted many times, 2016 will be a risky market. Commodities esp. oil will come back after the return of the economy. It is a question of when. Again, I will let you know after I fix my time machine.

Personally I maintain 50% cash and will all out if my technical indicator described in my books tells me so.

* In tech sector, security will be the main theme if not already.

* Weight Watcher needs to be watched with your eagle eyes. I may short it (I seldom short) when it goes higher.

* Sears has no future. If I were the management (I was a stock holder long time ago), I would make a complete remodel. First dump all non-profitable merchandise categories such as clothing. JC Penny was a bigger fool by following Sears in many aspects. History did repeat itself. A presentable CEO had no tooth.

* Yahoo!, Why your old systems work better than your 'new, improved systems'?

Happy New Year to all and peace on earth. Talking about peace, I wonder why religions which are supposed to be nice fuel the wars now and past for that long?

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